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Image  I love heavy metal and hard rock, but i listen to every type of music. You can interpret my usernanme however you want but the way I made it was little miss scared it has meaning but i guess you'll just have to read my quotes to get it .

Quotes by littlemisscared

So a week ago my amazing wonderful perfect boyfriend Broke up with me ON THE PHONE!!!!!!!
Then my best guy friend took me to a nerd party and I met this guy 
I dont like him 
Hes 22 and IM 14 
but he made my week and we hung out today and we just talked and had fun at a park
The best part is we dont even have a thing for eachother I love it!!!!!
so i havnt been on in forever but i love you guys and my life is going way better now sooo ya just thought id say that

Don't ever trust the girl that says I got it all coverd
Shes usually the one that gets everybody arrested


I hate the follow for a follow people,
If I follow you I really like your quotes or something about you 
So if I Follow you You don't have to follow back 
but if you do follow back please make sure you like my quotes.

I think I want to live now more than ever 
I think reading all of your quotes on witty has made me relize
I would tell all of you with my whole heart
YOU are Worth it 
YOU are Beutiful
YOU are Smart
YOU are Amazing

So thanks to FramingMathew 
and Thanks to all you witty people 
and I Truly apprecieate you and all of your quotes
and Tomarow is another day 
So go to bed and wake up and see that the world really is a great place
I had something really interesting to say 
but i forgot :(
For the next 10 quotes I'm Going to type what ever comes to mind
So there may be a format and there may not be 
Mostly they wont make much sence but it should be pretty cool
A turly good friend will not let u do anything alone ...
unless its stupid and then she will make sure that u stop and think
Last night I dreamd about HIM
He left when I walked in the room
But then he came back and held me for a long time 
So maybe I'm nieve but maybe he actually loves me?
I get it shes pretty and dominent
The thing I don't get is why you're still friends with her when she makes you feel like your bad almost every day
Oh, ya I remember, because there are those days where she makes you feel like you the only thing that maters in the world and like you the most amazing person and like she loves you more than anybody else
Thats why we were all still friends with her.
But She tried to make me kill myself!
Shes evil and you know it
So when I hear that you were messing with her infront of everybody, it makes me want to cry forever.
You say you love me, but I'm pretty sure you still love her, so I cry and I try to forget that you are the reason I was happy for a few weeks. Ya, you made me happy
and I let you do those things cus I was afriad you'd go to her if i didn't.
I guess you did anyway,
So I still love you and all, but you kind of broke my heart.