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I don't even know what to think.

Hi, I'm Tara :) im your typical 13 year old. I play lacrosse, field hockey, and swimming. I love to hang out with my friends, shop, watch movies, paint my nails, just typical girl stuff <3 but i also like video games ;) Get to know me xoxo


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- straight A's
- 4 years of college
- be more like my heavenly father <3
- be nicer to everyone
- be a good example
- love myself and everyone else
- for "him" to love me
- for someone to care about me

Quotes by littlemisslaugher2

All these quotes making fun of Kim Kardashian's marriage are really bugging me. Like seriously if your marriage didnt work out would you want the whole freaking world to be making fun of you?

Yesterday I was driving in the car with my mom, she said,
"Once you find the one you love, you won't want to be with anyone else. You will think other people are attractive but you won't be attracted to anyone you who you love. Once you find the one you love, all you will want to do is be with them, love them with all your heart, and make try your hardest to make them the happiest person alive."


♥ ♥ ♥
I  never  thought
That  you  would  be  the  one
To  hold  my  heart 
♥ ♥ ♥

Mr. Know it all
Well ya think you know it all
But ya don't know a thing at all
Yeah baby you don't know a thing about me
You don't a thing about me

I have kept my distance from people on witty
I'm not looking for any friends
I have friends in REAL life
People just start drama on here
All I'm looking for is a helping hand when I need one

*Next time someone bullys you or says something mean t you,*
*Just ignore them and stay strong,*
*Don't say something mean or bully them back,*
*That just makes you a bully too.*
*Just think about that next time.*


♥How the hell does a broken heart♥
♥Get back together when it's torn apart♥
♥Teach itself to start♥
♥Beating again ba ba ba ba♥

Here I stand
6 feet small
And smiling cause I'm scared as hell
Kind of like my life is like a sequel to a movie
Where the actor's names have changed
Oh well 

Well these days
I wish I was 6 again
Oh make me a red cape
I wanna be Superman 

Oh, if only my life was more like 1983
All these things would be more like they 
Were at the start of me
If my life was more like 1983
Plot a course to the source of the 
Purest little part of me 

And most my memories
Have escaped me
Or confused themselves within dreams
If heaven's all we want it to be
Send your prayers to me
Care of 1983 

So, I have known my best friend, Kayla, since kindergarten and I have know my best guy friend, Sam, since the beginning of 7th grade (Its 2nd quarter of 8th grade). I've liked Sam since I first met him and i have been super close with him since i met him. I told him that I liked him over the summer but he said he didn't like me back, so when 8th grade started I told him I didn't like him anymore so it wouldn't be awkward. So no one knew that I liked him, not even Kayla. Me, Kayla, Sam, and 2 other people were going to go to our local amusement park on a Sunday night, but i couldn't go at last minute. So they went without me and Kayla knew who Sam was but had never talked to him before. She started to like him that night and he started to like her. That Friday he asked her out. So now they are dating but neither of them know that I like him. And I'm trying to be supportive and say "Oh, your so cute together!" because their my best friends.
What should I do?
I am literally scared to go to school. In class when I start talking someone immediately screams "NO ONE CARES!" I used to talk all the time to everyone and be smiling all the time. Now i don't talk at all because I'm afraid that someone will say that to me. The worst part is I thought they were my friends and now they all turned against me but still act like we're best friends when they want to. And also one of the guys that does it is someone that used to like me and was nice and called me pretty. During class when I sit down, people fight over who has to sit next to me because no one wants to. I don't know why but they think it doesn't hurt me at all. But it kills...I just want someone to care about me....