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I don't even know what to think.

Hi, I'm Tara :) im your typical 13 year old. I play lacrosse, field hockey, and swimming. I love to hang out with my friends, shop, watch movies, paint my nails, just typical girl stuff <3 but i also like video games ;) Get to know me xoxo


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- straight A's
- 4 years of college
- be more like my heavenly father <3
- be nicer to everyone
- be a good example
- love myself and everyone else
- for "him" to love me
- for someone to care about me

Comments by littlemisslaugher2

littlemisslaugher2 1 decade ago to Nathan_2011
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Your not ugly. Your a beautiful and amazing person :) If you ever need to talk im here :) Everyone is beautiful... including you :)
littlemisslaugher2 1 decade ago to CantTouchAnthony
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I saw your sisters quote about your accident. I'm sooo sorry. I really hope you get better soon!
littlemisslaugher2 1 decade ago to Jared
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you seem like such an amazing person, i wish every guy was like you :)
littlemisslaugher2 1 decade ago to WhatHaveWeFound
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heyy :) i dont know you, but you sound like an amazing person :) maybe we could become good friends :) it would be awesome to get to know a guy like you <3 xoxo