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the last time i posted something on here was exactly 164 days ago. holy sh//t
& we kissed in the rain.
honestly i swear all i do with my life now days is get drunk & high. what the hell happened to making a pledge back in like fifth grade to never doing that
you & me, 
we'll go down in history,
with a sad statue of liberty,
& a generation that didn't agree.
too many high hopes

too many dissapointments
i hate not knowing if he feels the same way about me, as i feel about him.
i dont want a relationship where he brings me out to dinner at some fancy resturant where we have to be quiet & polite, i want one where he takes me out to get ice cream down town, where we can go & sit on a bench & be silly together. i dont want him to be a "goody goody", i want him to call me at 2 in the morning, telling me he will be at the end of my road in five minutes to pick me up; i wouldnt straighten my hair & reapply my make up just to look better for him, i would slip on a baggy sweatshirt & put my hair up in a messy bun. i'd slip out the back door & walk down to where he was parked. then we could sneak around & bond even more. i dont want a p e r f e c t guy. i just want h i m
dont leave me,
I cant do this all by

m y s e l f

follow me & ill follow you back(:

somewhere between our

laughs, long talks, stupid little fights, & all our lame jokes,

i fell in love.