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It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow �
Shaylyn, Ally, Courtney, Jiwoo, Hannah, Tegan, Renee, Avery
love you guys(:

Natalie. 14. Michigan (:

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Quotes by live_breath_swim8

A ghost could be humping you right now and you'd never even know


hey you, you're; a-

Inspired by BeKaHlYnN's things to do before I die list ◠‿◠ (a-door-able)  

((a Format by LightbulbsRock



I go on and look at all the pictures of all the pretty girls and think,

Why can't i look like them?
People who find me attractive
Hot guys
my mom


When you're reading Romeo and Juliet in school and you're just like "Awwww :D"

And then suddenly remembering that it was actually a three day relationship between a thirteen and sixteen year old that resulted in three deaths


All things must




My wish?
                                   to be physically attractive to someone other than my mom 

Hey witty!

I'm writing a One Direction FanFic. 

The spots open are:

Zayns Girlfriend/crush/bestfriend: iLoVeSpArKleZ

Liams Girfriend/crush/besfriend

Nialls Girlfriend/ crush/bestfriend: Laughallyouwant

Louis Girlfriend/crush/bestfriend: VioletSunshine

Harrys Girlfriend/crush/bestfriend: live_breath_swim

obsessive fan1

obsessive fan 2

leave a comment saying which part you want and also, describing your appearance, age, personality, and hobbies. i'll read the comments and see which one of you fits best for each role :)

There are 13 year olds getting pregnant..

and what am i doing?

sitting here on my laptop in my sweats with no makeup. my parents should be proud.