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The names Chrissy =) im your average teenage dirtbag. my friends have various nicknames for me, like skankmuffin. Im no where near perfect. Im not normal. My past isnt all that great. Ive made mistakes like everyone else. Im the kind of girl that has bruises and scars, and isnt going to let that slow her down. I believe in the most silliest things ever with all my heart. Im pretty much just the girl who's trying to find her place in this screwed up world! ( :

Quotes by live_laugh_twilight

&+ im the only one who gets smacked in the face
with her own phone while textin.

And when she glances in the mirror
There's something she truly fears
She's so confused she's torn in two
Doesn't know what to do

Feelings she can't control keep trying to grow
As she beats herself up
For her emotions there's just no hope

Searching for answers that just aren't there
As the tears roll down her face she pulls at her hair
For her life just isn't fair
Nothing is left not even despair

Yes, this poem is mine. Do not take, please. =)

&+ Its days like these,
that i just want to scream;
until theres nothing left
in my lungs.

just venting. (= thought of it and needed to put it somewhere other than my hand. credit is all me, plz.
You get mad 
You get strong
Wipe your hands
Shake it off ;;
Then you stand
I was counting on forever;
now I'll never know.
Its like kindergarden all over again
&+ you're the new shiny toy.
When I said I'd
"Hit That"
I meant with my car
Take Care Of My
---> Heart <---
I've left it with you.
With every single letter
In every single word
There will be a hidden message
About a
boy that loves a girl