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wow hey hi there call me Eileen

"After all this time?

My friends and I started a blog where we actually write about useless but interesting would mean the world if you would take a look :)


Quotes by livelaflove

I always give people the benefit of the doubt and honestly it's killing me
*when you interview for Yale and the interviewer is overtly unimpressed*
Currently feeling like:
I want to throw my phone through a window.
When you double text your boyfriend regularly because he never god effing answers his phone
I love how we still use the phrase "butt dial"
even though it's not even a valid excuse anymore with touchscreens
I've taken so many exams and standaridezed tests in the past month
and it's not even finals week yet.
College Board whyy???
He tells me about his crushes and I get that small crumbling feeling on the inside
...when you're sitting at home and you find out all your friends went to the beach without you :/
When he is potentially bad for you
When he likes other girls and tells you about them
When he does things you don't approve of
When he only gets along with some of your friends
When sone of your friends really don't like him
When your friends think you could do better
When they give you sad looks behind their backs
When you tear yourself apart at night
When it consumes your mind
When you can't think straight
When you want to stop
When you can't
When you do exactly what you told yourself not to do
When you just can't help yourself
When he's warm

Instead of "shiver me timbers"
my sister said "tickle me shimbers"