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Animal Planet.

The Last Kiss
Chapter Five

Searching dress after dress, nothing had seemed to catch my eye.
My friends Miranda and Chelsea had gone dress shopping too. Chelsea had already picked out her dress, so she was here just to help. Miranda and I had waited last minute - prom was in just 2 days!
We walked into the store. This store was kind of quiet and hidden, which means nobody will end up with the same dress as us.
We had browsed about the store. I finally heard a gasp. Miranda had found a dress.
"Omigod!" She gasped. "Guys, look!"
She held up a coral dress with lots of beaded embelishments. The dazzling beads sparkled under the bust area and on the straps. 
"That's pretty," I smiled. "You should try it on."
Chelsea nodded quickly in agreement.
Miranda grinned and ran to the dressing room like a lunatic.
As she was trying on her dress, I looked around some more.
I had pulled a beautiful dress off the hanger. It was a light green and strapless. Silver stones were found all over the upper part, which would define anybody's body shape perfectly and had a slight "poofiness" at the bottom.
I ran like a lunatic too over to the dressing room.
Miranda and I both skipped out and modeled it to Chelsea. 
"Perfect," she smiled.

And so it was.

You Say 
"I'm Dirty-Minded"

but how did you

what i meant?

  b    e   c   a   u   s   e 
isn't just about the presents.

The Last Kiss
Chapter Four

It was Thursday morning and I took me some thinking to realize what I needed to do. It seemed like Logan and Dan were going at it too much, and I needed it to stop.
I stretched, yawned, made myself look decent, snatched a cup of hot, creamy coffee and headed out to school. I picked up Chels and we both sang to the radio.
I hopped out of the car, where I Dan dashingly greeted me. "Morning, honey."
We walked to the halls together. 

Once again, I found myself walking wth Dan to my car. He was making me laugh really hard, as usual. I turned my head around and caught glimpse of Logan. Logan! I had totally forgotten about what I needed to tell him. I eyed him to come over.
"Hey," he smiled. 
"I needed to talk to you both about something," I said, looking down at my Classic short, gray Uggs.
"What?" Dan and Logan both asked.
"Well, I'd be stupid if I hadn't noticed... you guys... hating on each other."
They both did a light chuckle.
"I want it to stop."
"But Aubrey... It's Dan."
"Exactly," Dan said. "How can --"
"Enough of it. Work something out. You guys both mean everything to me and I'd hate to lose you guys."
"Fine. Prom is coming up," Dan stated randomly. "I want to go with you."
"I'd love to," I giggled, leaning towards him.
"Bullshit," I heard Logan very quietly mutter as he walked off.

I layed down in my bed, completely helpless. It was a Thursday night - my homework complete. I couldn't help but to think about what to wear to prom. Though it wasn't until quite a while, the date had been set. Everybody would start looking frantically for a dress and date. That's how every year goes.
I started looking up dresses, now worrying what to wear. Prom will come soon - very soon. And I had to look good for Dan.


The Last Kiss
Chapter Three

''You can't fly with broken wings, you can't love with a broken heart," I posted on Facebook, just before I headed to school. Before logging off, I was notified that both Dan and Logan like the status.
I started my car and cranked up the radio. I made a few turns and in fifteen minutes, I made a stop in the parking lot.
I shut the door and saw Dan coming over. "Morning," he smiled.
"Hey," I smiled back.
"You look amazing, as always."
Dan leaned down a few inches to my height and kissed my temple, then took my hand as we walked in the school. I couldn't help but to feel guilt whenever I was around Dan, or even hear his name. To tell or not to tell?
"We should have dinner together," Dan suggested.
"Yeah," I nodded. "Where?"
"Any place you want. You know I'm not too picky." Dan's lips curved upwards into one of his enchanting smiles. Dan was good-looking. His black hair was cut short and had a slight wave to it. He had hazel eyes and was on the taller side. 
"Well I don't care!" I giggled. 
"How about we cook dinner together ourselves at my house?"

We made a roast chicken with some salad on the side. After preparing it as best as we could, we slid it into the oven.
"Perfect," he said as he pulled it out.
"We make a pretty good team," I flirted.
"We should host a show called 'Dan and Aubrey's."
We started to eat until I was interrupted by a call.
"Hello?" I said into the phone.
"Where are you?" asked Logan's voice. "We had dinner."
I had totally forgotten. Logan's family had invited my family for dinner - myself included.
"I am so so-"
"C'mon Aubrey. I thought you were interested in coming over and seeing me. Sorry, I mean I know you are."
"You know what? Fine. Enjoy your dinner with him, Aubrey."
The call ended. 
Logan was seriously like a brother, and him being mad at me really affected me. I knew that this isn't going to end nicely.

The Last Kiss

Chapter Two

For some reason, I can just picture this night not being a good one. I was going to the movies with both Logan and Dan, which meant... not good.  
"I'll order one medium bag of buttery popcorn and a large coke please," Dan ordered. He took my hand as we looked around for a seat. Unfortunately, I could tell this movie was not going well since I had to sit between both Logan and Dan. The movie was some comedy, and as we watched the movie, I noticed two hands besides both of me - they both wanted to hold my hand.
I eyed Chelsea, and then went up to go to the bathroom, hoping she'd get the memo to come with me. Thankfully she did.
"Hey," she smiled. "You seem... not like yourself. What happened?"
"Chelsea, I'm a bad person."
"No you're not! How? What's up?"
"You can't tell anybody. Like, this is a deep secret. You really can't tell."
"You know I won't. Best friends don't tell secrets."
"Well this is a pretty ugly one. Anyways, at the party we got pretty wasted... I got so wasted that..." My voice trailed off.
"So wasted that what?" Chelsea asked, very intrigued.
"That I.." My voice started to crack, and then tears fell. "I slept with Logan."
Chelsea's eyes nearly fell out of her head. She was too stunned to speak. She opened her mouth, but nothing could come out. She stood there and consoled me.
"You aren't a bad person," She finally said. "You really aren't. It was an accident. C'mon hun, let's just go finish the movie."
The credits started playing and we all hustled out the theatre. We stood around and talked for a few minutes before leaving.
"That was a pretty good movie, huh babe?" Dan smiled, nudging into me.
"Yeah," I said, pulling a lock of ash blonde hair behind my ear.
"You wanna come over to my house? We can play Black-Ops."
"Thanks Dan, I really would but I have school work. Maybe tomorrow."
"Aw, come on!"
"She said she doesn't want to," Logan stepped in from behind. "So don't push her."
Logan's light green eyes met mine. Logan had been my friend for so long. Our families are pretty good friends, which is as to why we are. He had brown hair that was short and slightly shaggy. His skin was fair toned and he always had a welcoming, warm smile. 
"Stay out of our relationship, bro," said Dan.
"I'm not really stepping into your love relationship. I'm just saying don't push her around."
"Ok, bro."
"Aubrey and I have history, so you can -"
"Enough guys."
Dan and Logan stared into each other, and then, Logan spun around, towards my ear. My heart tingled inside, knowing he'd say something I really didn't want to hear.
"Bye Aubrey, love," he said softly. 


The Last Kiss

Chapter One

Our lips pressed against each other's. It wasn't a small, cutesy kiss. This was a hardcore kiss. He stroked my cheek, and then, shortly after we were under the sheets.
Now, I sat on the bed, in complete confusion and horror. I managed to throw my trembling legs over the bed.
"Babe, where are you going?" he said softly.
"I have to go."
"Stay," he said, his eyes pleading.
His look was too irresistable. I stayed in the bed with him.
"Why the hurry?" Logan asked.
You see, I have a boyfriend.. and my boyfriend isn't Logan. I cheated. I cheated on my wonderful boyfriend, Dan. And the funny thing is, we both knew it was wrong. Logan knows about my relationship, yet we still did it. My typical, party-girl self just resulted in trouble.
"Logan," I said softly.
"What?" He smiled. He leaned towards me and gave me a peck on the lips.
"I can't."
"What do you mean?" He said, his optimistic attiude had suddenly disappeared.
"Aubrey, c'mon, not now."
"You can't tell anyone!"
He opened his mouth but I interrupted him.
"You just can't!" My eyes started to tear.
He rubbed my cheek and said, "I promise I won't."
I then got up from the bed and got ready to leave. I threw on a pair of shorts and a clean tee shirt.
Just before closing the door, was Logan's voice.
"I promise I won't tell. But I really hope you know that being with him is the wrong choice. We both know you have feelings for me."
I closed the door, my head spinning with thoughts.
What did I do?