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becauswe keefeedinthem with

m e m o r i e s

Girls who;; #44
Love Harry Potter.
Trust me on this one (;


I wonder if any one
Ever looks at me and thinks
"She is beautiful"...



Here's to the kids who
      have brown eyes. 

people with brown eyes are
usually more sensitive and
are said to be realllly good kissers ;)


1) No body can open their mouth all the way and stick their toung past their lips.
2) 90% of you just tried that
3) 100% just learned it was false
5) a simple majority of you just laughed
6) most people didnt notice we skipped # 4
6)Most of you went back and checked
7) Most of you also missed we skipped # 2
8)Got you again
9) But did you catch the repeating 6?
10) you looked, didnt you?

Every guy should give their girl 3 things:  
a stuffed animal
and one of his sweatshirts sprayed with cologne.


Cheesey Pick Up Lines
Are you  Jamaican?
Cuz you're Jamaican me crazy (;

Should I start a series? 1 ♥ = YES
I've figured out all 21 letters of the alphabet
nmf, followme(:
nmf, followme(:
I said I've figured out all 21 letters of the alphabet

nmf, followme(:
There is 26 letters in the alphabet?
Oh damn it, I always forget the letters u r a q t
nmf, followme(:
Awww! Thats so cute ♥ ily

nmf/ fave if u get it

simba was walking too slow,s  o     i       t    o    l   d         h     i    m        tt     o        M    u     f    a    s    a     .