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status:: (2/5) jusrt did the polar bear plunge!! asdfghjkl so cold!
heyy im miranda <3
im 13 and my birthdays april 13th
im a cheerleader<33
im a bitchh sometimes
i love my friends so muchh;; i have no idea what i would do without them <3
(tonixxlove: my gorgg best  friend. shes amazing<3 go check her out. now.)
im soo obsessed with music. llike its not even funny.<3
i play guitar
i have waayyy too much energy sometimes ;)
i have an un-natural fear of dragonflys. they scare the shit out of meee.... i have no idea why...lmaoo

likes: rain. nutella. diet coke. my friends. sleeping. pillow pets :). cough drops. him. hot pockets. boys who smell good :). ramen noodles.
one direction-harryh styles;niall horan;louis tomlinson;liam payne;zayn malik. mac&cheese. dancepartys! converse. comfyy sweaters. sharpies. ice pops. big sweatshirts. summer. the beach. my boat. tobay marina. looking at fire. goldfishies. cheer. MUSIC. hugs. smoothies. fries. fluffy things.

hates: bitchy people. waking up early. falling.  4th period lunch. big words.
when people say the 'h' in why and what(cough my spanish teacher cough*). math. earth science. buggies. 

if you wanna know more; just ask ;*
<3 byess



Quotes by livelovecheer67

   when you love someone,
you want them tbhappy.




~urban dictionary~


_school girl by day, stripper by night

_alcoholic beverage similar to a margarita

_Can be violent towards friends


happybi r t hday eminem

all the lyrics that have gotten

me through everything, all the

time spent listening to those

songs with my ipod on full blast,

all those times when these raps

were my only escape from

reality. getting yelled at by my

parents, obsessing over songs

with my friends, and finding that

one song that perfectly fits my

mood.   this is for the man who

puts his heart and soul into his

lyrics, and raps about the truth,

the cruelness and the greatness

of this world, and life in general.

who always speaks the truth

and isnt afraid to be himself,

who goes against stereotypes

and ignores the haters. eminem

has gotten me through so many

rough times in my life and

changed my life in so many



trying   to  cha nge   i n   the   back   of   a   car
and  awkwardly flopping around to get your pants on without people seeing you♥

that   s ad  mome nt
when your working on a project with a hot guy
and you think he's flirting with you...
and then you realize he's just being nice
to get you to do all the work 

i liked you
 then i loved you 
now were best friends.
and im perfectly happy with that.
this isnt normal...

i meadamn,
whats not to adore?

nevershoutnever -- trouble


well maybe its not my weekend; but

it's gonna be my year♥

by: all time low



(c)bbbbbbbbbut I'll just smile big,

a n d  h o l d  b a c k  t h e  t e a r s 


(n m f)







(c)bbbbbbbbbut I'll just smile big,

a n d  h o l d  b a c k  t h e  t e a r s 


(n m f)