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heyyyy my names sarah.... i luvv wittyprofiles so plz make comments and rate my quotes high!! also if u have any suggestions for quotes i could make tell me in the comments section. xox luv yas!
ps- my "single and sexii" quote was made up by peacelovesoccer- my like bff...  i am sry if she is mad at me for making it.

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There was once a nun who needed a ride home from the church one day. She called a cab and it soon came. She got in the cab and the driver wouldn't stop staring at her. She said, "Excuse me there a problem??" And he replied, "No...uh..well.....its kind of embarassing..." And the nun said, "Im a nun... I have probably heard much worse." So the guy said, "Well... I have always had this fantasy of kissing a nun." And she said, "Well ok.... but you have to be catholic and you have to be single." The guy told her that he was. So they stopped the car and the nun climbed into the front seat and gave the driver a long sweet kiss. The driver then began to cry. The nun asked, "What's wrong? Am I a bad kisser or something?" And the driver said, "I have sinned! I am Jewish and married. Oh, dear sorry." And the nun said, "Its okay. My name is Jimmy and I'm going to a Halloween party."

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that girl issss.....

CuTe EnUf 2 MaKe U lOoK tWiCe, SwEeT eNuF bUt NoT 2 nIcE, a LiL cRaZy BuT nOt 2 WiLd, ThE kInDa GiRl ThAt WiLl MaKe U sMiLe.

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live your life c.r.a.z.y. and l.o.v.e every second <3
11 letters...2 words... 1 meaning

u guys know who u r.... luv ya all xoxoxo
im not a bitchhh....i just do what works for me.
im not a sluttt... i just get every guy i want.
im not a heart breakerrr... i just get bored easily.
and im not full of it... im SEXYYY.

lol....i was bored so i made this up hehe.....oo and btw, im not talking about myself cuz im not like this at all lol i just made up a random quotee... rate highhhhhh <3
 i'm done with hello's and goodbyes

where is the good in goodbye?
where is the hell in hello?

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oh, don't worry
you didn't break me. no,
sweetie you 
completely destroyed me

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a rainbow of luvvvvvvvvvv

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theres only
1 thing
2 do
3 words
4 you

1,2,3,4 by Plain White Tees
so theres this old guy sunbathing naked on the beach. a little girl comes up to him, points to his dick and says, "whats that?". the man replies, "thats my...umm... bird." so the little girl goes back to making her sandcastles and the old man falls asleep. a couple hours later, the man wakes up in the hospital with really bad pain in his dick. the little girl is sitting by his bed. the man asks, "what happened to me?". the girl answers, "well, i tried to pet your bird, but he spit at me, so I broke his neck, cracked his eggs and burnt his nest."

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