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if you ever feel down,just take 10 minutes out of your time and listen;

Quotes by livelovelaughxxxxx


    popularity killed the real you.
Okay I know you guys are sick to death of the One Direction quotes but this one will actually make a difference. So this is the Niall Project.
 The Niall Project. It’s meant to help beat eating disorders, because Lord knows they are ever-present in today’s society. So basically, The Niall Project is where you set a reminder on your phone for every two to three hours or so reminding yourself to eat, entitled “Niall would so love you for this,” because he really would.Even if you're not a fan of One Direction this is still a really good idea.

Society teaches us that you only have an eating disorder when you're underweight, that your only suicidal when you actually kill yourself, that your only depressed when you actually show the signs, nobody looks beyond this, nobody looks into the depths of people.

I can't imagine why any guy would ever choose me when they are so many better options. 
You know that girl,sinking into depression? The one who doesn't seem that happy anymore? The one that you suspects cuts herself? The one that has stopped eating and lost weight dramatically? The person you suspect isn't really happy? Help them.Before it's too late.That's all I ask,reach out to them.Help them,save them because nobody saved me.


 I am constantly torn between killing myself and killing the people around me.

      If you want me in your life
   then put me there,i shouldn't have to fight for a spot.
 don't  make a girl fall for you;
                            If you have no intention in catching her. 
            theres noting special in this
           quote...except the person reading it.♥

Respect your parents,

they pay for your internet.