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status; i think im in love? <3
-rejection hurts. losing someone hurts. pain hurts. breakup hurts. but what doesnt hurt is love. because love is the only things that makes you feel secure about yourself. </3 
-dont judge me unless you have looked through my eyes.expirenced what i have.and cried as many tears as me. untill then backoff because you have no idea.
about me; Hi. My name is Whitney. Im 13 years old. I live in the U.S.A. My sister is lyzzi freakking parrker. I love her soo much. I hate drama. &ilove my family to death ! I love caitlyn rogge soo much shes soo freaking amazing..ask ne one.<3 (crayolaboomx3) I think that quotes explain the way people feel. follow me? it would mean the world. &&ilove my bestfriend' hannah.kaylee.lyzzi.&hailey. I feel like im losing all my bestfriends over my boyfriend../; i cant take it. Their too special. Idk what to do, were still friends but we NEVER hangout. Only about one of them still hangout with me../; what am i getting myself into?
music; lil waynne. mac miller. adele. auburn. justin bieber. &more.

                     ^just some of my favories.(:

Quotes by livelovelifealot


when you regret losing me like last time..

please dont yell at my new boyfriend. becauuse its happend before &just remember, YOU broke up with ME.</3




wow....were random.
mom; where'd my knife go?!
friend; (wispers)______ has it..
me; FRIEND. dont be mean..
then we burst out laughing.
like cool story bro?♥
hearing my bestfriend cry over her bf.
cause she just broke up with him..
makes me wanna

life is like a rollercoaster.
you can eatheir..
scream everytime you hit a bump.

enjoy the ride while it lasts.<33


after that.
please just remember this would mean the world to me. please watch a couple of my videos.

i want all of you, forever, you and me, everyday!

it was meant TO BE.♥ the first time i saw you i fell for you. and no i didnt trip but you got me love sick boy. idunno whats so speciall about you but everytime i hear you name i get butterflies in my stumach and a small little smile. i miss you. i miss your smile. i miss your laugh. i miss &love everything about you.ithinkiminlove?

Girl - "I'm sexy and I know it!"
guy - No you're slu
tty and you blow it...

*are we bestfriends?
if you were with me for all my best
memmories, than yes were bestfriends.
if me & you hangout like every weekend,
yes your my bestfriend. if we know each
others deepest secrets, we are bestfriends.
But if we just say were bestfriends. &you 
havnt lived all my memmories with me.
&we barely ever hangout. &we dont know
everything there is to know about each 
other, we just know some things.
then that just means were friends. not

*sure, lets say that.