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Hi! I'm Julia. I'm 16 years old & i'm from a town in New York.
      I like music more than people. (Of Mice & Men <3) Feel free to talk to
me, I'm here for you! I also like making new friends! I follow back on
here & on Tumblr. Stay strong!     

Quotes by liveloveparty

Person: What do you like about yourself?
Me: My taste in music.
Person: Anything else? 
Me: No. 

If  I went to Hogwarts,
I would be really fat.


I am so sick

of being the "ugly friend".

Friend: How obsessed are you with Harry Potter?
Me: 9 3/4 

The pain is too much to bare. & life gets hard and you just don't care. You feel so alone you just sit and cry. Every second you wish to die.

Music relieves the pain,.

I'm in shape.
Round is a shape.