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Quotes by livenmylife

its funny how the people whom you trust the most end up beig the one with the knife behind your back
I sleep less, I'm tired.
I sleep more, I'm tired.

I don't see a way to win here.

Sometimes good things need to end
for better things to begin

I want our relationship to be like
Tom & Jerry;
no matter how many times we fight, we won't be apart.

Going to a friend's house:
Normal People: Hey do you mind if i use the bathroom real quick?
Me: Do you mind if I pee in your toilet?



There is a Chat Box!

Smile at the b---- that brings you down,
laugh at the haters that are jealous,
point a middle finger at the idiots who think they're better

We believe the liars,
trust the back stabbers
and like the heart breakers..


Open books. NOT legs.
Blow minds. NOT guys.

Falling for someone,

that you never thought you'd fall for