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Hey ! My name is Kelsey and I'm 14. My favorite TV show and band is Big Time Rush. I am inlooovee with them!!!!! I love being with my friends and family. My favorite sports are softball and volleyball and I don't know where I would be if I didn't have music. ♥

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You give me this feeling, that I don't even know how to describe. ♥
*watch it get no likes because it's not pretty.(:


I like you more then she does. End of story.

Dear Santa,

                   This year for Chistmas, I dont want toys, nor do i want clothes or games. What I would really love is for you to bring ALL of the soldiers home. If you could give me this wish, I swear I will be the happiest girl on Earth. I promise.

♥This quote is for the people with loved ones fighting for our country. I cant believe how brave you all are.

*thank you soldiers*

*on witty*
just one more page, i gotta study.
okaay, one more.
i can always retake it..

Okay so witty girls I need to know if I did the right thing or not. Me and my friend have liked the same guy for a while and we started liking him around the same time. So finally today in gym I told her I would stop liking him, so she could basically go for him, which basically means stop I talking to him. I know shes happy, but i'm not. Did I do the right thing, even though I feel like i just lost a huge part of me?

has an ily in it for a reason.

So last night, my great uncle had a stroke. They don't know if he will be okay, and today i completely broke down in French class. I don't want faves, or follows, i just want you to say prayers for "kelsey's uncle" please. I already lost one of my closest uncles, I cant afford to loose my other closest one. I love him so much so please, just pray.

So, today i learned something. You know how adults say not to jump on the couch? I didn't listen.. and I think i broke a rib.. LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS!!!
Dear spellcheck,
  Sorry but my last name isn't spelt wrong, no matter how many red squiggly lines you put under it.

Annoyed typer
& I wish broken hearts were like chicken pox, so you can only get it once.