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Quotes by livin_life_young_and_in_love

I loved him
with all that
I had yet it
was still not
enough for
the cheater
he was.


& It's funny really,
How we spend so much time on one person
that we forget what it's like without them. .

For two years I said,
'Please do not lie to me.'

For two years I said,
'Just tell me the truth.'

For two years I said,
'Please do not be like all the others.'

For two years you said,
'I'd never dream of it.'

You must of dreamt of it
because you did.

The funny thing was,
we weren't in love at all.

It was simply
just putting up with eachother,
but over time
it became normal
and now that we've gone
our separate ways
I'm beginning to miss you.


"As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly, and then all at once."
-The Fault in our Stars


Be WHO you  are and own it.
You are who you  want to  BE,
AND It's
nobody's right to tell
what's  right and  what's  Wrong,
or what's
different and what's not.

This is you.
This is what you want to be
and what you want to do.
If you want to
be different,
then be different.


Me: You're my perfect.
Him: You're mine.

We were holding hands when he lifted them up together and kissed the back of mine, and then said, 'I won't ever give up on us.'

We were in the middle of kissing and he stopped, looked me in the eyes, and said:
"This is the best conversation we've ever had." And then he kissed me softly.

            I wanna set the
              world on fire       
                 until it's burning
bright for you.