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Boys suck
rades suck
Being a
teenager sucks

High school sucks

I need some serious advice....
Okay so me and my boyfriend started going out last week and i really like him, and he says that he really likes me...but the thing about him is, he has a...past.. not a good one. He dated one of my best friends for 6 months and they broke up because he cheated on her with HIS best friends girlfriend. but once my best friend and my current boyfriend broke up he stopped talking to the girl that he cheated with and started talking to me...we had been talking for about a month when he told me that he liked me..and 2 weeks later asked me out. i talked to my best friend about it and she said she was completely fine with it...but now the girl that he cheated on my best friend with is trying to talk to him again and shes leaving messages on my facebook wall telling me how he played her and told her he loved her and then left her. but im scared now that shes trying to get him back, that hes going to leave me for her and go back to her....i dont kno what to do about this...hes always telling his best friend(who is also one of my really good guy friends) that he really likes me and no girl could ever change that and that im the only girl that he ever thinks about and wants to date...but im having a hard time believing tht. When we talk its great and he always tells me he misses me and thinks about me all the time... how do i know hes telling the truth? and what should i do? advice? 
thank you sooooo much for reading.(: <3 

 [[ 11:11 ]]
** Im not going to wish for him to
like me this time .....
i'm done. **

[[ The Next Day: ]]

Him: Hey, I've been thinking about you, Will you go out with me?
Her: Sorry i got over you last night.
He ran up behind me
and hugged me around my waist,
and whispered "i love you" in my ear.
I knew it -X- was him -X- from the start,
from the memories went it used to be "us"
he [hugged] me [close] and told me
that he made a mistake and

i was the best thing that ever happened to him.
~ (he spun me around) ~
and kissed me like he'd never kissed me before...
and i didn't feel a thing.
.I thought i would fall for him again, but i didn't.
forever i have been waiting for this to happen,
////and im finally strong enough to tell him no.\\\\
im finally over him.
and i walked away,
without looking back.
true story

don't Kanye West me..
or I'll...
Chris Brown you,
Tiger Woods your Mom,
Michael Jackson your kids,
Michael Vick your dog,
Carrie Underwood your car,
Brittany spears your girlfriend.
so bring it baby(:

....yeah thought so....

Girl: goodbye
[chase me]

Boy: see ya...
[i need you]


W h e n  . o n e . d o o r . c l o s e s -
)and another one doesn't open(
remember there is always a [[key]] in your pocket
yojushave to find the right door.

[maybe its true]]

he   people     you  think    you    can        trust the most
stab you in the back.

i am stuck in a 
[[black hole]]

fav. comment.<3

In ten years... 
he wont remember that tramp he dated
in - middle - school,
he will remember the
((*you touched his heart
♥  ♥