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I'm extraordinary. it's just that most people see it as extra. ordinary.
my name is laura, and i am your not so typical teenage girl. I get good grades, but i hate school. i procrastinate by baking and making jewelry. i'm in an awkward situation where i'm pretty sure my best friend is in love with me but i don't like him. i grew up with zelda, i laugh at chemistry jokes, and
i'm a total dork.

Quotes by livinintheshadows988

call me what you want
its probably true

"are you okay?"

of course i'm okay that fact that you're dating my ex-best friend that i have a crush on for god knows what reason only bothered me for a week. i'm okay now.

I wrote you a song I hope that you sing along and it goes like this:
Merry Christmas
kiss my  aṩṩ

"when i was younger, all I wanted was to be like everybody else"
"you wanted to be petty and dishonest?"
"everybody's not like that"
"yes they are"

"There's something I need to tell you"
"Is it a good thing?"
"....Not.. exactly."
"Then it can wait."
"For how long?"

"Forever and ever."
I'm so lonely. all the time. surrounded by a hundred people I know or completely by myself, I am empty and vacant.
you know what would be awesome?
having friends i could actually talk to.
that'd be great.
Hating how you look sucks. It really does.
Hating your personality is ten times worse.
Hating your looks and personality is the worst.
Then you feel like, people wont like me for my
looks,and my personality cant redeem the poor
character that is myself.