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Quotes by livlafluv95

i staty up just late enough,
until i am exhausted enough,
until i can fall into my bed ,
and into immediate slumber...

because i can't stand to lie in my bed,
in a dark room,
alone with my thoughts
for so many hours.

I hate our generation...
everyone either cares too much or too little.
there's so much nonsense and pointless drama.
Blame is being thrown around.
"I love you" is becoming meanngless as saying "and" or "the."
what happened to  the world?

we got caught up in growing up too fast. we all did.

missing someone
isn't about how long you've been apart,
it's about that very moment when you find yourself doing something 
& wishing they were right by your side.

Lazy Fact  #3456534234564534235
you were too lazy to read the number.

& honestly, fave this if you're older than 12.

if i'm ever on a date &it's bad...
I'm just gonna stand up and say,
"i'm an actor, they're all actors, and you're on MTV's disaster date!"

& run out.


I wonder what the air flight attendants would do if I walked onto an airplane singing blow by ke$ha.

betting on how long other peoples relationships will last♥

&i want to
hold your hand and waste my friday nights with you.

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