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Hey..I'm Olivia:) I'm currently going into 9th grade. I love dance and singing. I tend to judge you by the music you listen to, so: my favorite music is by One Direction, Colbie Callait, Adele, Karmin, and Bruno Mars. I like musical theater. so...yeah. here are some favorites of mine, if you care:
season: summer
ice cream: moose tracks
school subject: language arts
food: potatoes. fries, chowder, chips, anything. potatoes.
favorite quotes on witty:
follow me!(: If I like your quotes I'll follow back.

Quotes by livlivo

 I am blind.
 I cannot find
the love I gave to you.


It's okay, I'll always have the memories to be in love with.


I could have a ton friends, 
I could be given million compliments a day, 
I could have perfect grades,
I could have no fat on my body,


 That moment when song lyrics perfectly describe how you feel and you break down crying.



How many times can you quote Mean Girls without it getting annoying?


do you ever have those days
 when nothing feels right?

and no matter how hardyou try

almost nothing in your life seemslike it fits together?
yeah, I feel that way every day.





so there's an ad I keep seeing for crocs on sale...
                            and it's probably because of all the quotes about crocs I view on here. :p

"my heart belongs to the people who have problems with self injury and/or suicide. so many people in this world don't understand what its like to feel like that all the time. so many people don't understand why people do it. so many people don't even realize how many ways you can hurt yourself. don't be afraid to talk to people if you have issues with it, you never know who has been there or who can help. you'd be surprised how many people fake smiles and laughs every day of their lives just to feel normal. i never said i know everything about this subject. all I'm saying is.. im so sick of hearing and seeing all the people getting hurt. im sick of hearing the words "sl*t" "wh*re" "b*tch" etc. used like its nothing. people get hurt. even by sarcasm. people need to stop abusing others mentally and physically. and most of all, people need to stop being so judgmental. you never know the true story of someone unless you truly look into their heart."
a friend posted this on facebook and I

couldn't of said it any better.

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computer: wanna update this
me: sure
computer: you have restart your com-
me: neeever mind