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My mind are stars I cannot
fathom into

-The Fault In Our Stars
Welcome To My World.
You can call me Mrs. Malik.
One Direction has pretty much ruined my life.
Ed Sheeran wrote my feelings into words.

Demi Lovato helped me stay strong.
And Witty saved my life.

Witty has been my home for about 3 years,
& it always will be.

I'm in love with you,
& all your Little Things.

Harry Styles. Louis Tomlinson. Zayn Malik. Niall Horan. Liam Payne.

Quotes by livluvlaf1127

 Dear boobs, 
nice try. 
sincerely, gay cop



Dear microwave,

please heat up my food, not the bowl that holds the food.


Dear moth,
please hold still as i try to kill yo- OMG NOT THE FACE!

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>> Today  <<
on the way to the grocery store,
there was a black SUV in front of us.
 i t  had a  bumper  st icker on it ,  
 like the ones for "support the troops"but instead it said,  

'"  s  u p p o  r t    t h e    n i n  j  a s !  "
i         a    g    r     e     e .      .

M L I  A


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Dear Shower,
what is it about you that makes me want to burst into song?

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& who                            


                  Pinky Dinky Doo? 

n  m  f 



dear students,

if i have 3 bottles in one hand, and 5 in the other...
what do i have?

sincerely, a

drinking problem?

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Dear family,

do you mind informing me that there's guests?

sincerely, t-shirt and underwear


Dear Balloon,

Love will find a way.

Sincerely, Porcupine

n    m    f   .

Dear  Cinderella, 

If your shoe fits perfectly, than how did it fall off?
Sincerely,  puzzled  little  girl


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