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Why hello fellow Wittian!

Welcome to my little safe place.


I'm Olivia, I'm 14, and a freshman in high school.
I love The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, just reading in general.
I'm a huge fangirl, whether the person be nonfictional or fictional.
My witty quotes are spontaneous and random, and if you read them you'll be so confused about what's going on in my life.
I'm not on here for faves, I can't stand people like that, it's not a popularity contest.
I'm a giant nerd/geek. I'm incredibly cheesy and a hopeless romantic.
You won't catch me anywhere without one of the following things:
ipod, laptop, calculator, book, sketchpad, cellphone, viola.
I don't have any crushes or anything like that, boys have cooties! lol
I usually make these things long, but I'm starting to think no one reads them anyway...

So if we have anything in common, just talk to me
and I'll try to reply in a normal and not unsocial way,
but I can't make any promises(:

Quotes by livvxyourxlifeee

Don't ruin today by worrying about yesterday's problems

I don't know what any of you have gone through, but I do know that others have made it through.
No matter how hard things seem to get, you just have to know that there's a reason you're still alive.
Maybe you're life is miserable, and you don't believe you have a purpose, but you do and always will.
Your purpose may even be showing up to school and putting a smile on someone else's face just by seeing yours.
Things get hard and we need to be strong for our families, for our friends, for our lovers, and for ourselves.
Imagine surviving these days and living to tell your story, and inspire someone else to make it through their life.
Imagine living to give your children the happiness you deserved when you were growing up.
Don't dare think you don't deserve happiness, don't deserve to be loved, because you do.
Hold on to this life you may hate right now, because it will get better.
You need to look yourself in the mirror and not flinch at the sight of your body.
Trust me, society is a million times more disgusting than they try to tell you your body is.
Every scar on your body makes you beautiful, and every hardship you've faced will bring you 

one step closer to achieving true happiness.

My friends: Why don't you come to us when you're sad? Why do you only vent on witty? We want to help you, we're you're friends!

Me: Okay, well then I'm really upset.

My friends: ... *start new conversation*

Me: Oh thanks for helping.

Me: For Christmas I want a boyfriend!
Santa: Let's be real here...


When I die

& my life flashes before my eyes,

all I'm going to see is witty.


Enter "answer to life, the universe and everything" into
and tell me you didn't laugh...

I tell people on facebook that I have to go

so no one will disturb me on witty.

It's pretty funny how witty

can just be a website to some girls;
But be another girl's 
entire world


You there, stop scrolling for a second.

You honestly need to get over your flaws,
because everyone has them, and see yourself as beautiful.
If you are radiant and confident, other people will see you as better looking too. Which honestly doesn't matter anyway.
Who really cares about looks?
Why does the world care about appearance so much?
I wish everyone out there just had the ability to
see themselves as perfect because you all are.
Don't complain about how you're fat, or too skinny.
Or your nose is too big, and your eyes are the wrong color.
Your thighs are too big, meanwhile your boobs are too small.
And your stomach isn't flat enough,
yet your butt couldn't get flatter!
You think that your hair is curly and gross, or straight and plain.
Your legs are stubby and your smile is crooked,
and your skin is too pale and pimply.
You need to stop.
Everyone has imperfections, but that's what makes us perfect.
The fact that we have little blemishes makes us stand out and one day you'll find one person who falls in love with these little flaws.
This person will go to bed thinking about the cute little freckle you hate,
or those brown eyes that you find so boring.
I hope you know that you couldn't be more perfect to me.
But I guess my opinion doesn't matter much to you girls... But it should.
I think that beauty isn't determined by the amount of boys asking you out, or likes on your profile picture.
It's not a measure of your bra size, or your jeans size,
but of your heart's size.
So wipe away those tears you cry when standing in the mirror and smile.
Smile that quirky smile you hate,
yet someone out there is dying to see everyday.
Stop sucking in that stomach you hate so much and just breathe.
Breathe in the air that goes through your crooked nose
and close those bug eyes you hate.
Just think about your body and how beautiful it truly is.
Laugh at the fact that all your life you've been trained to criticize that perfect figure you have.
Release the breath you've been holding in the pretty body and just know...

Society can't put you down.

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Anyone Else

incredibly upset that

11/11/11 has to


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Removal of credit is punishable by DEATH. <----LOLOLOLOLOL
(sorta based off her format, but it's mostly hers; so yeah)