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When I'm a mom, I'm going to scream my childs full name randomly and when they're actually in trouble to get them confused
i wont be able to write til around sunday. ill try to put more chapters up today(:


I Promise

prologue//Jaycee's POV 

"It's over." I said to my third boyfriend of the school year. And it was only two months in. I was the boy hopper in the school. Smart, gorgeous, skinny, tall. I was perfect. The boy I just broke up with turned and ran away from me. He should have known better. I have a reputation around here. No one trusts me, and no one should. I hate trust. It's just non existent in my life. It's my senior year. Maybe my settle for one boy year. Nahhh, boys are just too much fun. I giggled then turned to my best friend, Josie.
"The deeds done. That little loser is heartbroken." I said, adding and evil smirk.
"You know, you're sort of a b/t/h, but you know I love you." She said, flashing one of her million dollar smiles. Josie wasn't the same as me, she was actually very different. She's had a boyfriend for about three years now, and they're madly in love. I was sort of jealous at times, but why have one boyfriend when you can have 15?
"Aw, there comes your little boo-bear now!" I squealed, pointing to Donny, Josie's boyfriend. Josie turned and gave a kiss to him then they went off to class together. I sighed, going to my locker and taking out all of my books. I turned on the heel of my shoe, and went to homeroom.
When I got there, I took a seat next to Brad, who would probably be my next boyfriend. I sent my best smile over to him and he returned the favor by flashing his perfect white teeth.
"Class, settle down. Settle down. THere is a new student, all the way from Maine, and I would like for all of you to give him a warm welcome." Mr. Dunburn said, or as we all called him Mr. Sunburn. He always seemed to have a sunburn. I rolled my eye and just talked to Brad while I also waited for this new kid to get here.
"Alright, quiet down, kids, this is Jackson." A hot boy swaggered in and I could tell he'd be my boyfriend before Brad. He had perfect blond hair and blue eyes the color of the sky. He was around 5 foot 10 inches, and I could see abs visible on his stomach, where his gray v-neck was tight.
"Hey everyone, uh, I'm Jackson, I'm new, and uh, I like football?" He said,not knowing exactly what to say. I giggled a little bit.
"Alright Jackson, theres an empty seat right next to Jaycee. Jaycee, wave so he knows where to go."
I put my manicured hand in the air and smiled the most flirty smile I ever have.


author's note:
So, uh I'm new to story writing on witty. Feed back would be nice, I'll notify for chapter one, comment if you want a notification. And Chapter one will be up tomorrow(:

I'm writing a story, and I want you to choose the plot.

1. I Promise

17 year old Kaycee is the schools boy hopper. No one trusts her. When new boy, Jackson, transfers to her school, she can’t help but fall helplessly hard. They start dating, of course, but w 
hat happens when he learns her reputation? 


2. Monster
17 year old Addisons parents have choosen a life of crime. They shoplift. Her friends never hangout with her because they don't trust her. Her dads abusive and her mother never pays attention. How will Addison survive senior year without good memories? 

3.  Broken Smiles

15 year old Sadie just went through a terrible break up with her boyfriend of 9 months. She loved him, he played her. She thought he loved her, he knew he didn’t. He told her he wants to stay friends, but what about when he all of a sudden get a new girlfriend, who he had been rumored to be cheating on Sadie with?

So please, take a vote, follow, and I'll write up a prolgue for the winner(:

the awkward moment when Canadian bacon actually tastes like ham. 0_0
I remember the last day I saw him. It was the day before we broke up. It was the day before we had been dating for nine months. Second to last day of school, the last chance I've had to say goodbye. i remember giving him the last hug, a last smile, and telling him I'd see him later. I remember walking away, looking back once and he was looking at me. When I turned to face forward, his best friend was walking up to me and I just lost it. I started crying and his best friend was standing there not knkwing what to do. Now, my ex boyfriend is trying to be like my best friend. And it hurts more than any form of torture ever created. I would rather be tortured, or to have not even met him, than to be going through this pain. so, witty sisters, this is how it feels to fall out of love. Its like someone catching you just to drop you, or losing a best friend, but much worse. I've cried myself dry just writing this. So, if he logged onto his account and read this, then Demetrius, I am beyond hurt right now. This pain feels like it will be eternal, but I should have known better. I was warned of thigs by some other people in school. I don't regret this, I just wish it didn't have to have end with this much pain.
Ohhh, you know, just at my best friends party, sitting at a table alone while her and her friends all talk. Yeaaah, lifes good\:
Mom, please stop talking to me about my breakup. If I want to talk about it, I will.

Here is the story of me and him.
 So, we've been dating since the beginning of the school year, and it'll be nine months the 15th. But here's the problem: he doesn't think it can work over summer and if he goes to a new school. Except, he doesn't want to break up with him. He told me I have to break up with him. Over the year, I have completely fallen in love with him. He was my first kiss, so of course he's really important. It hurts me more than he thinks to know we have to break up. He expects that it's fine by me, but it really isn't. He knows how sad I am, and there are many ways it can work out, but I think it's just the nice way of him saying he's over me. No matter how many more times he tells me, I will never be able to truly believe he loves me.



PS, thanks for reading!!! nev n

HE made me fall in love with him, and now HE is making me break my own heart.