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xoxo olivia

Quotes by livyloulou

are we just friends?                        
I like to be alone but
I don't wanna be lonely

              you came into my life so unexpectedly but
       I'm so glad that you stayed because now you are
           definately the best thing that happened to me

   I feel like just sleeping forever...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry about not being what you wanted. I don't even want myself, so why should I expect you to want me?

late nights
I'm staying up stressing

I dont care about how many friends I have, or how many people know my name, I just want one person that I can trust because honestly with all the fake people in this world we all need someone that we can be real with. and I don't want to feel like I'm putting in all the effort like where I start all the conversations and I have to ask you to hang out. I need someone who wants me as much as I want them, a true friendship. I want to be special to someone. I want someone who will stay up late with me just talking about random stuff even though they know that they have stuff to do tomorrow and no, I don't expect them to drop everything to talk to me, I just want someone to want to be with me and just feel nice in eachothers presence. I want someone who won't ignore me when I'm telling a long boring story and I don't need somone telling me to change something about myself because I'm already insecure enough. I want someone to tell my problems to and not feel like I'm a burden. I want someone to make me know that they enjoy being with me and that we have eachothers backs no matter what. and if we do get in a fight we don't go around telling eachothers secrets and talking behind eachother's backs. I need someone when I'm alone and upset that I can talk to and know that they won't blow me off. thats all...

my self confidence in nonexistent rn
I will only say I love you
with a gun pressed to my head
& a knife against my throat
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