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Quotes by lizlinee

The beginning will be hard,
But the end will be worth it,
And the journey will never be forgotten.
Go out and accomplish what you want,
you're the oldest you've ever been, doors are opening
You're the youngest you will ever be, some doors will soon be closing
Use what you have to your advantage
Find something that makes you happy
When the worries of the world are bearing down on us,
we need to remember that we all share the burdens of life,
and we all need to work together to fix one worry at a time

Life isn't a book, because then you're just a character
Life isn't a rollercoaster, because then you're just a rider,
but life is a bag of lego blocks, and you're the kid that can either build them up, or break them down
Covering up the scars,
Not because you're afraid someone will notice,
But because you're afraid no one will care enough to notice
“To win or to lose is not important, it is what you do to resolve the problem which makes the difference.” 
As lost as I was
I managed to find a light in you
And you are slowly helping me out of the midnight darkness
and into the glow of dawn
Finding a soul
             Alone. There the pathetic boy sat on the side of the road all alone. Wearing a dark jacket, probably so that no one could see the fear that Elle could practically smell radiating of him. She didn’t need to see the tight jaw, and frantic eyes to know that this helpless boy was scared; she could feel it in her bones, in her soul. Ha, like she even had a soul. It had been only a year since she had a soul. Just a year since she was turned by the boy she thought was the love of her life, but then he dumped her, of course. This is what caused her to be filled with so much rage she could find no self-control within herself.
            She slowly stalked towards her prey. She let her mind slip into pure instinct, no need to think. Elle just watched as the boy nervously checked for the bus. She wondered where he was going, home? The library? Play practice? Basketball? She could tell that he was much too short to possibly be going to the last location. He looked as though he was about two years younger than her, probably about thirteen or so.
He had dark brown, short hair, so dark it was almost black, but Elle’s sharp eyesight could tell that it was brown. Other than that and his dark hoodie all she could make out from across the road was a pair of jeans and red converse. Red, the color his blood would be once it reached oxygen.
           She was prepared to attack. Elle ran as fast as light across the road.
           The boy sensed there was movement and anxiously looked around, but he couldn’t see anything, until all of a sudden there was a movement behind him. There stood the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She smiled, a glaring white smile with breathtaking teeth………and fangs. “You’re-You’re” the boy stammered, until all of a sudden he felt a sharp pain on his neck, but it went quickly. Within a couple milliseconds Elle had drained him of all his blood. He died without fault, and without a struggle. “I believe you were trying to say that I am a vampire,” Elle chuckled to herself.

I do not fear death,
I fear dying in vain....
Oppurtunity will always be there
somtimes hidden, but never gone....