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This sucks.

Quotes by lizzeyabe

What has happened to Witty? I honestly dont know. 
I come on once in the course of about 6 months and this is what I find. 
Quotes with 400 favorites in the top quotes of the day. Hell, six months ago those favorites were in the thousands! Witty was a place where we could all go and just be US. NO one would judge us. I can't say how the people have been now cause I haven't been on. But honestly, I bet I can safely say it is nothing like it used to be. What happened to the inspirational quotes, the hillarious meaningful stories? Did all those people just get up and leave? Because I can't say I believe it is the same people now.
Wittians, you have to step it up. Sure no one cares about my quotes, I'm never on, I don't know what it is like but I am just trying to help you people realize all that witty could be.
Let's Bring Witty back.

There’s honestly
nothing more painful

than missing someone who’s slowly
beginning to forget about you.
While you’re sitting alone reminiscing
and thinking about them,
they’re completely lost and consumed
in their own world,
a world in which 

you no longer exist.
By ThatsSoMee

****WRITE "LOVE" on YOUR wrist tomorrow and WEAR YELLOW******* September 10th is SUICIDE Awareness day got my outfit ready hbu?

Show your support by wearing yellow and writing "love" on your wrist, to show your constant care and love for those who have thought about suicide, attempted suicide, and for those who have succeeded in taking their own lives. Repost to get the word around.♥

if you have ever had those thoughts rememeber it gets better♥ keep your head up stay strong believe in yourself the way i do for you find the courage its quite an adventure but worth it
Hey Witty.
This might be my last post for a while.
I don't like the new witty.
One bit.
I miss the old days. Witty was my secret place. Where no one could find me but the people closest to me. It was an escape from facebook. And school. And home. Basically the entire outside world. I could come here and write what I mean and not be judged for any of it. It helped me through so many things, just getting this stuff out there, but not "out there".
Now Witty is turning into facebook for me. It's not that private place anymore. There is all kinds of hate everywhere I look. That is not what Witty is about.
Or used to be about.
And what happened to the vent category?
All I am saying is that I miss the old Witty. I'm sure some of you like the new one. It's just not for me. I sincerely hope you all enjoy it.
If this is my last post for a little while, I just want to say thank you.
Thank you Steve for creating a site for people to go and vent an not be judged. A place that can make your day and a place where you can make someone elses.
Thank you for what Witty used to be.

Thank you Steve, for everything.
I love you. 
Nothing can change that. Ever.
I am always here for you. Always.
You have been my best friend for Eight years you know me better than anyone. You were there for me through thick and thin. Through anything. You were always there. I just want you to know that I am always available. Day or night if you need to talk. Kyra, people will come and go but you will stay in my heart forever.
I don't even know if you will see this.
I don't know if we will be together next year.
I don't know if you are truly serious about staying together after high school (I am).
I don't know a lot of things. But I want you to know one thing.

I love you.
And I will never stop loving you no matter what.


So my best friend and I have our anniversary in September. The whole month. And as one of the presents I am giving her, we are throwing a harry potter marathon. We are getting up at EIGHT in the morning to watch EIGHT movies in honor of our EIGHTH year as friends. Coincidence? Nah I like to call it Fate.
I love you Kyra.


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I'm sorry mr. spider, but unless
you're going to give  me super powers
I'm gonna have to ask you leave my bedroom


I feel like life is a trial.

And all I'm doing is waiting for judgement.

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It does get better.


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