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Hello, my name is Elsie. This is my original witty profiles account.
I do not use it very often anymore, as you can probably see 
but I 
hold this account very close to my heart. Okay, just felt like I should
somewhat explain. I will not go into detail about my existence or 
any of that shit because it is not important. I am still active on this
website and if you want to find my other account you should just
look for it. Do not ask me as I will not answer you. Okay. Bye.


Quotes by lizzyisalime

Does love exist? Or is it an illusion?

I wear the crown of oblivion.


The only reason my mum is still with her boyfriend is because
she knows it hurts me and she doesn't want to let me win. Am
I joking? I wish.


Lol, got more notifications after I left than I ever did before.


I don't want to be a person anymore.

I am not going to lie, I am quite angry at the moment.
I could easily slap someone right now. Especially the
two people who are causing my anger. I am seriously
so close to having a go at them. It is just that I am an
intelligent person and I know that if I did that I would,
without a doubt, have my head bashed in. ;-;


I always fail to be funny. It sucks.


Your mamma's so fat she ate Jenny and Craig.


If  you do not put your trust in anyone,
if  you do not  tell anyone your secrets,
and do  not tell anyone how  you really
feel, no one will ever betray you. If you
do  not love  anyone, if you  do  not put
your faith in anyone, and if you do not
expect anything of anyone, you will not
get hurt. If you are careful, and if you are
intelligent, you will go far in this world.

I have learnt this from experience.