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Hi, I'm La-Sanya. I like coffee, Lana Del Rey, and reading.
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Quotes by ljames17

Boy, are you the sun because 
I have a hard time looking at you directly and you make me sweat a lot
You know how much of a loser you were
when you look at your first email address.
How my teacher explained pregnancy:
Jack and Jill went up the hill
to have a little fun.
Stupid Jill forgot the pill
and now they have a son.
Never go up the hill, kids.

When you have your headphones
        in for 20 minutes, and you forget to play music.

Sometimes I just say things
and hope they're socially acceptable.
the moon during the day: hey hey
the moon during the day: hey how you doin
the moon during the day: just checkin up on ya
the moon during the day: i'll see you later tonight too
the moon during the day: look forward to it
90% of the ocean is undiscovered
and you're telling me mermaids don't exist. Yeah, ok.

                                                               Never trust anyone who can bite an ice cream cone
                                                               without flinching. It's just not normal.

the sea carried me
out to shore late at night, when I could not find my way home,
but you were my lighthouse. You helped me through the dark.
Once you got my trust, your light started a fire in my heart,
and you sat and watched as I breathed in the smoke that tore me apart.

If  I ever worked
        at Starbucks, I would purposely spell people's name wrong,
so they couldn't instagram their cups.