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isten, I'm no body special
Just a dreamer, and some one looking out for every one, but herself.
Probably isn't the smartest way about going through life, but whatever ;)
Anyways, I play softball (Practically my life now).
I love my team, Jersey Impact, and they would never let me down.
Hey I can't forget my central friends though. <3
They are pretty amazing too, Ashlin, Jessica, Michelle, Andrew, Tommy♥, Ect.
Well, thats me.

✧ ♥ ✧

Quotes by llBrand_Newxx

She can't be a star
      If you don't let her shine.



During my piano recital,
I was on a stage and I was scared.

 I looked at all the people watching me
and saw my daddy waving and smiling.

He was the only one doing that.
I wasn't scared anymore.
- Cindy  (age 8)


                     I see
you walk away
                           My eyes follow your steps
                    My head goes
silent ---
               My heart starts to cry
      I know I love


I see you in my dreams
Those eyes, so beautiful
Those smiles, my favorite
Those laughs, contagious.
I think I like

I see your gentle heart
Seems like home
Seems so untamed
Seems so fragile.
I think I like 

I see your lips, soft and sweet
They light my world
They keep me guessing
They make me wonder.
I think I like 

I see you walk away
My eyes follow your steps
My head goes silent
My heart starts to speak.
I know I like


While all the others ignored her pain,
one  [ hero ]  kept  her  g o i n g.
Whether he knew it or not, 
he caught her from
| falling |

I’m not your girly girl.

I’m not your preppy blonde.
I’m not the skinniest,
Or the prettiest girl out there.
Yet for some reason?

you chose... me?


//--- if everyone [shared]and 
s w a l l o w e d  t h e i r  p r i d e   
Then we'd see the day when
· · nobody   d i e d · ·
· · ·


&Hes better than any dream

I’ll ever have 


if you're gonna be two-faced
at least make one of them


If I shall die before I wake,
I pray the lord my [ soulto take.