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Hey there lovely.
Whats up?
As you may have guessed, my name's Lauren. :]
I usually make quotes about whats on my mind or lyrics to songs.
Speaking of which, here's some of my favorite music:
All-American Rejects. Boys like Girls. The Killers. Chris Brown. Dead or Alive. Moby. Sean Kingston. The Police. Matt Nathanson. U2. Fountains of Wayne. Evan Taubenfeld. Elliott Yamin. Good Charlotte. David Archuleta. Nine Days. New Kids on the Block. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. LMNT. AFI. American Hi-Fi. Black-Eyed Peas. 3 Doors Down. The White Tie Affair. Kanye West. We The Kings. Talor Swift.Theory of a Dead Man. Rob Thomas. Queen. One Republic. My Chemical Romance. O.A.R. Jason Mraz. Matchbox 20. Linkin Park. Fall Out Boy. Blue October
I love life.
I'm from Michigan, and I even have a quote for all the rest of you Michiganders! (or just other people who happen to like Michigan too)
Questions bout it? Comment.
Um, I wish I lived somewhere tropical. That would be fa-reakin awesome.
Johnny Depp is ahmazinggg. End of story.
Woo! Highest rated quote. Hahahaha I know its not really high, but still.
Ok I'm tired, its late, I'll finish this some other time.


Quotes by llaurenn

Tell me why you're so harto forget 
Don't remind me;; 
I'm not over it
Tell me why I can't seem to f a c e  t h e  t r u t h
I'juslittltonot oveyou
Just thought you'd like to know ;]
Swiffer commercials

"Don't you want me baabyy?"
No, actually, I don't you stupid little feather duster.

sorry, random. they annoy me though.
Picture you're the queen of  (everything)
As far as the eye can see
under your command
I will be your guardian
w h e n  a l l  i s  c r u m b l i n g


 I put your picture away
-sat down and- 
cried today
It's something I must live with (everyday)
And all the pain I put you through
[I w i s h t h a t I c o u l d t a k e i t a l l a w a y]
_*And be the one who catches all your tears*_

Wow, what if guys really apologized like that?
*_I  h a t e  b e i n g  t h e  o n e_*
that you g.r.a.b when you need a  g i r l f r  i e n d  to show off;;
:|: but also the one that you throw away when you think you can do better :|:     

 [big smile on my face]
And I'm so sick of
love songs
.-*s  o   t  i  r  e  d _  o  f  _  t  e  a  r  s*-.
So done with wishing
[ you were still here]
Said I'm so sick of

love songs
.-*so sad and slow*-.
so why can't I
 turn off the radio?
 Recycled hearts & dreams destroyed