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Hey there lovely.
Whats up?
As you may have guessed, my name's Lauren. :]
I usually make quotes about whats on my mind or lyrics to songs.
Speaking of which, here's some of my favorite music:
All-American Rejects. Boys like Girls. The Killers. Chris Brown. Dead or Alive. Moby. Sean Kingston. The Police. Matt Nathanson. U2. Fountains of Wayne. Evan Taubenfeld. Elliott Yamin. Good Charlotte. David Archuleta. Nine Days. New Kids on the Block. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. LMNT. AFI. American Hi-Fi. Black-Eyed Peas. 3 Doors Down. The White Tie Affair. Kanye West. We The Kings. Talor Swift.Theory of a Dead Man. Rob Thomas. Queen. One Republic. My Chemical Romance. O.A.R. Jason Mraz. Matchbox 20. Linkin Park. Fall Out Boy. Blue October
I love life.
I'm from Michigan, and I even have a quote for all the rest of you Michiganders! (or just other people who happen to like Michigan too)
Questions bout it? Comment.
Um, I wish I lived somewhere tropical. That would be fa-reakin awesome.
Johnny Depp is ahmazinggg. End of story.
Woo! Highest rated quote. Hahahaha I know its not really high, but still.
Ok I'm tired, its late, I'll finish this some other time.


Quotes by llaurenn

                                               Any girl can be glamorous
                                           [all you have to do is stand s  t  i  l  l and look  s  t  u  p  i  d]

                                                                                                                                  -Hedy Lamarr

 a trufriend
never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down

-Arnold H. Glasow
 friend isomeone
who knows all about you and loves you
j u s t_ t h e_ s a m e

-Elbert Hubbard
 Shoot for the moon
e v e n  i f  y o u  m i s s
you'll land among the stars
 Am I the only one that
didn't think middle school was that hard?
I actually had a great time
You know you're from Michigan when....
You show people where you're from using the back of your [left hand]
You know how to pronounce 'Mackinac'
You know that The Big Mac is something you drive across
You don't pick up h i t c h h i k e r s
Race weekend is the most exciting thing that happens all year
You know how to play (and pronounce) Euchre
At least one person in your family disowns you for the week of the Michigan/Michigan State football game
You can identify an Ohio accent
"Down south" means Toledo
We drink pop, not soda
You get frostbite and sunburn in the same week
When you order ginger ale, you expect [Vernor's]
You know that Kalamazoo not only exists, but isn't far from Hell- just under 100 miles
Traveling coast to coast means driving from Port Huron to Muskegon
Snow tires come s t a n d a r d on all our cars
You can tell when it rained because you can smell the worms
The snow freezes so hard that you can actually walk across it and not break it or leave any marks
You can experience four seasons in one day
Your idea of a traffic jam is waiting for 40 cars to pass an orange barrel
You measure distance in minutes
Yes, you do end your sentences with prepositions
You carry jumper cables and snow chains in your trunk

                                           I don't know if we have a destiny,
                                                             or if we're all
                                                                      F L O A T I N G  A R O U N D                                                                                                        accidental-like on a breeze.

But I, I think maybe it's both
Maybe both is happening at the
::same time::


--Forrest Gump
 Stupid is as stupid does

--Forrest Gump
 [[You have to do the b.e.s.t with what God  g  a  v  e  you]]
      --Forrest Gump
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