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My Crush
My Crush ♥ Say your crushes name six times. Now close your eyes and make a wish about them.Decide what's more important, love,or 10 milliondollars. Now make one last wish, the love, or the money. Repost this in 60 seconds with the subject "My Crush" and you'll 
get an unexpected talk from your crush
...DON'T screw it up.
ok guys this is my first time asking for advice on witty.....

Ok so i think i like this guy, ive known him for a long time and we are really good friends, we went out in 5th grade so it didnt really count, i see him every day of the week and when i see him i get this weird feeling, the problem is im like positive he doesnt like me, for one hes gone out with these really pretty and popular girls which are the total opposite of me, but what makes me feel even worse is that sometimes it seems that he might possibly like me, he always talks to me in class, im really ticklish and he always grabs my side, i went on vacation for 2 weeks over spring break and when i got back he  asked how it was and was like way to miss school and when we have to do projects he always wants to work with me soo im really confused....

                                                 any advice?
cell phone: EnV

What is your current ringtone?
"body language" jesse mccartney ft. t-pain

What is your current wallpaper?

Do you own a picture phone?

If so, what was the last picture you took? 
my shoes for semi

Go to your inbox and type what the 10th text message says?
Wohoo i feel sortaa hyperr! hahah
Who was the last person you spoke to on your cell phone? 
my mommy<3

What service do you have? 

At this very moment, how many bars do you have for your service?  

Who's on your speed dial numbers? 
voicemail, dad mom brother grandparents

Do you have voicemail? 

How many contacts do you have that start with J- Who are they?
jake hanko
jake l
jake smith
jessica thorr
jessica w
jon sack
Who do you call the most? 
How many text messages do you get a month? 
i dont know

What are the first 2 digits to your number? 

Go to your SENT texts..what does the first one say? 
ok well ill have to look tomorrow

Who's the last person that you called? 

Last person that texted you? 

Last person you added to your contacts?

How many minutes are on your plan? 
i dont know

Go down to your 5 contact. Who is it?
alex m
So, here's how it works: 
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, ETC.) 
2. Put it on shuffle 
3. Press play 
4. For every question, type the song that's playing 
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button 
Don't lie and try to pretend your cool... 
Opening Credits
Sweet Caroline
Waking Up:
That's what you get
First Day of School:
this christmas
Falling in Love:
Breaking Up:
cant fight this feeling
check yes juliet
Mental Breakdown: 
shorty like mine
Sunny Day:
this is halloween
Rainy Day:
Stormy Day:
still frame
animal i have become
tangerine sky
taking back my love
Wedding day:
here it goes again
Birth of a child:
i poke her face
Final Battle: 
put me in the freezer
Death Scene: 
the warning(mariah carey diss)
Funeral Song: 
killing me softly with his song
Final credits:
man in the box

copy and paste and do it yourself! <3

She is a wave and she's breaking
She's a preblem to solve and
in that circle she is making
I will always revolve

And on her sight
These eyes depend
Invisible and indivisible

That fire you ignited
good, bad, and undecied
Burns when I stand beside it
Your light is ultraviolet

Visions so insane
Traveling unravelling through my brain
Cold when I am denied it
Your light is ultraviolet

Now is a phase and it's changing
It's rotating us all
Thought we're safe but we're dangling
And it's too far to survive the fall

And this I know
It will not bend
invisible and indivisible

The fire you ignited
Good, bad, and undecided
Burns when I stand beside it
Your light is ultraviolet

Vision so insane
Traveling unraveling through my brain
Cold when I am denied it
Your light is ultraviolet
Your light is ultraviolet

Visions so insane
Traveling unraveling through my brain
Cold when I am denied it
Your light is

-Ultraviolet  Stiff Dylans
                                                                         Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging

Yes, I eat more than I should.
 No, I don't own three pairs of uggs. 
 No, I don't shop at Aber(crappy) & (B)itch
 Yes, I get A's, maybe a B/C here or there...
 Yes, i've been dumped, but i've also gotten over it.
 Yes, i sometimes eat tons of ice cream when i'm depressed.
 Yes, I like the POTC & johnny depp
 Yes, I watch Disney
 But, You Know What
 I Didn't ask for your opinion So It isn't Needed!!!

Not All mine,added some and took away some
i dont no who to give credit cuz i have seen it a few times 

                Swine Flu Monday

-all thanks to my best boys!