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When they ask me what I did this summer, I want to be able to tell them:
I lived off ice coffee and laughter. I volunteered. I bought a hammock and tried
to live in it but my mom said no.I took my dog for walks. I smiled more
than I thought possible. I spent time with my family. I learned about myself.
I read books because I wanted to, not because I had to. I got more freckled
than tanned, but I tried. I felt each moment as it happened.
I stepped out of my comfort zone.

                                                            This summer I fell in love with me. 




I want to be the reason that at random moments of the day a smile crosses your face. Because you thought of me. Because something insignificant reminded you of me and the only way you could possibly react was to make it known to the world that you are happy, by the simple curve of your mouth.
I want to hear you say my name when you wake up in the morning. But I want it to sound like a cross between a word and a sigh, because it happens in that moment between asleep and awake: where dreams meet reality. That's where I want to exist for you.
I want to be that person that you can't wait to share something with; good news, bad news, just a simple recount of your day. Anything. I want you to think "I can't wait to tell her this." I want to hear all your stories as many times as you want to tell them.
I want to be a constant in your life. Like the feeling you get in a dark room when you reach out for something-a doorknob, a light switch, a stair railing-and its right where you expected it to be. I want to be that sense of familiarity. That sense of calm that rushes over you when things just go right, I want that to remind you of me.
I want to not be afraid to tell you that this is what I want and how I feel but I am.
And most importantly, I want you to want me to be this person.

I've been trying. To be what you want. But it's not who I am. 
I  don't  remember  how  it  happened,  but we  went  from  being  friends  to  me  being  madly  in  love  with  you  and  you're  just  acting  like  nothing  changed.   &   I  don't  know  how  to  pretend  that  well.♥ 

I couldnt figure out why I find myself sitting there beside you
every day wishing I was somewhere else.      Wanting nothing 
more than to get up and walk away.    Wishing that your name
wasn't doodled all over the inside of my heart, that you didn't
consume my thoughts and that when you don't text me back
it doesn't kill me inside. I wish I had the strength to be on my
I dont want to need you,
but I do.
today we were talking about how all the picture frames in your room are empty. you said it was because you hate the way you look. you seemed surprised that I didn't have a comment, like I was supposed to argue with you. believe me, I wanted to, desperately. but I'm so tired of putting myself out there to build you up. I'm tired of the one sided feelings. I'm tired of feeling like I am not enough for you. how many times are we going to do this? I've told you how I feel and you keep stringing me along.
its raw and its jagged
this hole in my chest.
when my heart shattered
the pieces hurt,
the pieces cut, 
the pieces stung.
so I took them out
like a splinter in a foot.
remove the shards
and you remove the pain.
except this void won't heal
- it can't.. 
Her smile hung loosely like a veil, barely concealing the 
sadness that took refuge in her eyes.
And the constant beating of her heart, almost made you think 
she wasn't empty inside.
She was learning how not to let the out side world affect her. But it would take time.
It's still taking time.

 When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me.
It's you. It's you Peyton.

                                      - Lucas, OTH


she could feel it stop,
people say it breaks,
but for her it stopped.
her heart.
that hopeless girl 
with shattered dreams
felt empty inside.
because of him.
because of him and her.
because they were together.
and finally she gave up hope,
hope that maybe this would be different.
that maybe now she'd be enough.