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Quotes by loganXforever

that awkward moment-
when your just looking through the top
quotes and see
yours, but think somebody jocked it.


Hold your horses!
Hang on a minute!
Simmer down!

Sorry Witty, I just want my quote
to be submitted..


describing love;
is like describing a color.
go ahead, try it.

last time i checked,
it was FAVE not FAV

get it right..

The different kind of if's;
School; Raise your hand if..
Facebook; Like if..
Twitter; Retweet if..
Witty; Fave if..


before i
make a quote i always
imagine it as being a

top quote.



including this one

So I'm on Witty here at school, and every time Mrs. Virkler walks by I automatically go to Google.

anybody else do that? :)

When someone makes the best comeback ever and you're just like,


Feeling like a dragon when
when you blow out cold air
in winter.

He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, his name is Edward Cullen.
  Dammit, is he the new Santa?

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