Status: The one on the left? That's me. The one on the right? The pretty one? That's the best friend I could ever ask for.
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Freshmen. Athlete. Dancer. New Hollow. Ed Sheeran. One Direction. Whitley. Imagine Dragons. Narnian. Skandar Keynes and Logan Lerman.<3
Morghan and Maicy over anything.<3

Quotes by loganloveswitty_23

i fell in love the way you fall asleep ,
low at first, then all at once.
i'm afraid of the day that we'll become strangers
we all have that friend that drifts away. but im not about to let that happen.
People always leave. - Peyton Sawyer
like i didnt give you permission to not snap me back.
тнere waѕ a gιrl wнo waѕ playιng ιn тнe parĸ wнen ѕнe ѕaw a pιcтυre ιn a вυѕн. ѕнe ĸepт тнe pнoтo, вυт ғorgoт aвoυт ιт υnтιl ѕнe waѕ мarrιed. нer нυѕвand aѕĸed, wнo ιѕ тнaт lιттle вoy ιn нer walleт. ѕнe awnѕered: "мy ғιrѕт love." тнen тнe нυѕвand ѕмιled and ѕaιd: "ι loѕт тнιѕ pιcтυre wнen ι waѕ nιne yearѕ old."
why must you be so cute but so unattainable.
Anyone else change their phone password then type in the wrong one for the next month or so.
Hehe me too.
Girls be like: We were best friends for a year, but now we hate each other.

I be like: My best friend and I have been best friends for 4 years, and don't hate each other.

I think I win.
  you >> anyone else