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Quotes by lollipopx3


Chapter 44

Three Months Later
"Are you ready?" I asked Scarlet, as my phone lit up for the seventh time within the past ten minutes. A small smile lit across my face when I saw that it was only Travis, asking why Scarlet and I were so late to our double date.  "I think Darren and Travis are getting impatient."
Darren was new to our school, and he just came six months into Scarlet's pregnancy.
Although everyone warned him to stay away from her, he couldn't help but find interest in her.
They've been dating for two months now, and he doesn't mind that Scarlet's carrying a baby that wasn't his.
In fact, he supported her.
Scarlet rolled her eyes, before spritzing some hairspray into her blonde curls. "Tell them that I'm nine months pregnant, and I could be late if I want to."
I laughed, before jabbing away at my phone. "You do realize that we're half and hour late, right?"
Scarlet snorted, before finally setting her can of hairspray back on her vanity. "Hey, if I'm going to be this fat for a date, at least let me look decent."
I would've been lying if I said that Scarlet didn't look huge.
Her stomach was bulging out of her maternity blouse, and she had gained a few extra pounds from all of her pregnancy cravings throughout the past nine months.
But, she didn't look bad.
She looked healthy.
Suddenly, I noticed a puddle by her leg, as I frowned. "Scar, you didn't spill any hairspray, did you?"
Scarlet raised an eyebrow, shaking her head. "No, of course not. What kind of question is that?"
My eyes widened, as my lips suddenly parted.
The puddle that was running down Scarlet's leg became increasingly big, as I began to panic.
"Oh my gosh, Scar." I breathed. "Y-Your water broke!"
Scarlet's eyes widened, as she stared below her feet.
She let out a gasp, as her face suddenly flushed. "No!" she shrieked. "This can't be happening! I'm not due for another two weeks!"
I ran a hand through my hair, not caring how many hours it took for me to curl it.
My hands fumbled through Scarlet's purse, as I fished out her keys.
"We've got to get you to the hospital, right now." I quickly slurred, sounding incoherent.
I hurried Scarlet down the stairs, as she suddenly let out a wince of pain.
"It's hurting!" she snapped at me, suddenly fuming. "Why is it hurting so much?!"
"Deep breaths." I ordered Scarlet, as she began to pant.
I buckled her into the backseat, as I started up the car.
I quickly dialed Travis' number, as he picked up on the first ring.
"Riley?" he sounded angry. "You and Scarlet are thirty minutes late. Where the-"
"No time, Travis." I cut him off, as I sped down the street. "You and Darren need to get to St. Marks hospital, right now."
Travis muttered something to Darren, before he cleared his throat. "Did Scarlet-?"
"Yes." I quickly said, before pulling in the parking lot. "I need to go now, okay? Come quick."
I hung up on Travis, turning to face Scarlet, who's face was scrunched in pain.
"Get this baby out of me!" she screamed, as I led her into the hospital.
"Scarlet, hush." I tried to soothe her, as a nurse came rushing towards us. "Her water broke. She's screaming and telling me she's in pain and I just don't know what to-"
The nurse placed a hand on my shoulder, as she set Scarlet down in a wheelchair.
"We've got your sister covered." the nurse smiled softly. "Don't worry."
My shoulders relaxed, as I nodded weakly.
They had Scarlet under control.
My best friend, no, sister, was giving birth any minute now.



Chapter 42

Five Months Later
"I'm so nervous." Scarlet squeezed my hand, as her legs shook.
It was no longer a secret that Scarlet was pregnant now.
Her baby bump was finally showing, and she's put on a few extra pounds since she first found out about her pregnancy.
"Scarlet Labourne?" a nurse suddenly came out from the ultrasound room, with a grin spread across her lips. "We have your results for you."
Scarlet gave my hand one last tight squeeze, before she stood up to meet the doctor back in the room.
I followed behind her, as I heard Scarlet's heavy breaths.
Once we entered the doctor's room, he was typing something on his computer.
"Doctor Willis," Scarlet gave the doctor a nervous smile, "is my baby a boy or a girl."
Doctor Willis spun around in her chair, as she handed Scarlet a manila envelope.
"Congratulations, Scarlet." The doctor nodded slowly. "You're having a baby girl."
I noticed that Scarlet's shoulders immediately sagged, as she let out a squeal of excitement.
"Yes!" she laughed, before turning back to me. "Did you hear that, Riley? I'm having a baby girl!"
I smiled at the sight of my best friend, noticing that her eyes were glowing of happiness.
I haven't seen so much glowing color in her cheeks for months.
"That's great." I smiled, as Scarlet ran to give me a tight hug.
She buried her face into my shoulder, as I felt tears leaking through my shirt.
"I can't wait until we pick out names!" Scarlet beamed.
"How was the appointment today?" Travis asked, as we walked down the beach during midnight.
The cold sand sank in between my toes, as I stared up at the sky, which was full of starts.
I smiled when I saw that the full moon was out, bright and glowing.
"It was great." I whispered. "Scarlet's having a girl."
Travis smiled down at me, before he wrapped an arm around my waist.
We stayed in that position for a while, just the two of us, my back pressed against his chest.
He held me securely, as a tide washed up the shore, soaking our feet.
"A lot has happened this year, hasn't it?" I said softly, as Travis buried his face into my neck.
I felt Travis' chuckle vibrate against my skin, as I shuddered.
"It has." he smirked. "You met me."
Arrogant as always.
I shot him a glare from the corner of my eyes, as he laughed.
Travis pecked my jaw, as I rolled my eyes.
"Aside from you, because you're irrelevant." I teased, sticking my tongue at him.
Travis raised an eyebrow at me, before laughing. "Yeah right, Riley." he said sarcastically. "Admit it, you love me."
I suddenly froze up, because Travis and I have never used the L word around each other before.
Sure, I've loved Travis since the beginning, but I was deathly afraid of what his feelings were for me.
"Do you, Riley?" he suddenly whispered in my ear, making me close my eyes. "Do you love me?"
I let out a deep breath, before nodding slowly.
"I love you, Travis."
Travis stayed quiet for a long moment, and I was scared for a second that he didn't return my feelings.
But, he spun me around, taking me from the lips.
His hands ran down my back, making me arch my spine.
All of the emotions I felt while kissing Travis- were unexplainable.
"I love you too, Riley."

This isn't the end, but it's very close to.
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Chapter 41

It was just the crack of dawn when I heard a light tapping on my window.
I stirred in my sleep, trying to ignore the sound, but the more I tried to avoid it, the louder it got.
I finally gave up, rolling out of bed, as I went over to push my curtains aside.
I literally snapped awake when I saw Travis crouching at my windowpane, his fist raised to the glass.
I opened the window, glaring at him. "Travis, it's six in the morning." I grumbled, still feeling a wave of sleepiness. "What do you want?"
Travis smirked, before opening the window further to let himself in my room. "I see that you aren't a happy person in the mornings." he chuckled. "It's cute."
I groaned, before rolling my eyes. "Would you keep it down, at least? My mom would slaughter me if she caught you in my room."
Travis raised an eyebrow, his eyes twinkling in amusement. "What would she think we are doing?"
I stared at him with disbelief, before tossing a pillow at him from my bed. "You're unbelievable, Travis Kapone!" I hissed.
Travis chuckled quietly, before pulling me closer with his hands on my hips.
I held in my breath as his thumbs brushed against the bare skin of my hips, where my tank top had ridden up just slightly.
"Come on," he whispered, "we're going on a date."
My eyes widened, as I took a minute to register in what Travis had just said.
"A date?" I repeated, as Travis nodded. "The sun isn't even up yet, Travis. Are you insane?"
Travis smirked, as he leaned in closer towards me.
His lips brushed against my earlobe, making me shiver.
"I guess I am." he whispered.
I hadn't even gotten a chance to get dressed before Travis pulled me out of my house.
I was wearing nothing but a pair of flimsy flannel pants and a sweater that was a size too big on me.
My hair was left the way it was when I had woken up- a complete mess.
Travis was currently dragging me up a hill that was behind a mass of trees.
It was still dark, and my fingers were becoming numb from the cold.
"We're here." Travis muttered, as we stopped on top of a cliff, onlooking out at the town.
I frowned, noticing that there was nothing interesting about the scenery before us.
The entire town was still asleep, and when I looked down, I saw nothing but a bunch of vacant buildings.
"What the hell is this Travis?" I asked, frowning up at him.
A small smile lit across Travis' face, before he gestured for me to sit down.
"It's about to start." he whispered, as we sat down the dusty ground.
Suddenly, the sky slowly started to become brighter and brighter by the moment, as the sun began to appear.
The sky lit up in orange, as the sun rose high.
My lips parted, awestruck from the beauty.
"Wow." I breathed, glancing over at Travis, who was watching me the entire time.
Travis smiled, showing off his left dimple that I hardly ever got to see. "Yeah." he softly said, before cupping my right cheek.
He pulled me closer towards him, until our lips locked.



Chapter 40

After not being able to speak for Travis for an entire week, I decided to apologize to him at his house.
I rang the doorbell on his front steps, waiting a few minutes before Dylan, Travis' older brother, opened the door.
A broad grin spread across his face when he saw me, as he stepped aside to let me in.
"Riley," Dylan smirked, "what a surprise to see you here."
I laughed lightly, before giving him a raised eyebrow.
"Same goes to you, Dylan." I paused, peering over the living room to see if Travis was lounging on the couch or not. "Is Travis home?"
Dylan rolled his eyes, before giving me a sarcastic grin. "And here I was, thinking that you came all the way here for me." he chuckled. "Travis is upstairs in his room, if you need him."
I nodded, before brushing past his shoulder. "Thanks." I muttered, before making my way up the staircase.
I slowly walked down the halls towards Travis' room, hesitantly raising my fists to knock on the door.
"Dylan, I told you, I'm not going to that stupid party with you tonight!" I heard Travis shout from the other side of the door.
I bit my lower lip, before pushing the door open.
"I'm not Dylan." I whispered shyly, before closing the door behind me.
Travis' head turned towards my direction, as a surprised expression appeared on his face.
He was laying on his bed with his headphones in his ears.
"Oh, Riley." he muttered under his breath, before pulling his headphones out. "Can I help you with something?"
Travis was being harsh- but I didn't blame him.
He had every right to be angry at me, especially after I questioned about our trust.
"I wanted to say," I let out a deep breath of air, "sorry."
Travis raised an eyebrow, before blinking. "Sorry? For what?"
I closed my eyes briefly, before taking the empty spot beside him on his bed.
"I wanted to say sorry for not trusting you a few days ago about Scarlet." I muttered. "I should've just believed what you had to say."
Travis stayed quiet, and I was afraid that he was genuinely mad for a moment there, but then he let out an amused smirk.
I frowned, wondering why Travis suddenly found all of this so hilarious.
"Why are you laughing?" I asked, slapping his shoulder. "I'm trying to apologize here."
Travis chuckled, as he rubbed the back of his neck with his palms.
"You're just too cute for your own good, that's all."



Chapter 39

"Scarlet." I knocked on Scarlet's bedroom door.
I heard muffling cries from the other side of the door, as I slowly wrenched the doorknob.
I bit on my lower lip, as Scarlet looked up at me from her bedsheets with bloodshot eyes.
"What are you doing here?" her voice was croaky.
I closed the door behind me, cautiously walking towards Scarlet, who looked completely exhausted.
"I wanted to check up on you." I said, sitting on the edge of her bed. "That, and because you haven't been answering any of my calls."
Scarlet closed her eyes, letting out a deep breath of air.
I noticed that her gaze was somewhere focused on the ground, as I followed her stare.
I saw her phone shattered into pieces, her favorite pink phone case cracked in half.
"I got tired of everyone calling and texting me about what they heard in school." Scarlet muttered.
I let out a deep sigh, my heart almost breaking at the sight of someone who used to be so close to me, completely broken.
"So, have you been throwing up a lot lately?" I asked.
A small smile suddenly appeared on Scarlet's dry lips, as she nodded weakly.
"Oh, tons." she chuckled.
"What does your mom think about all this?" I asked, plucking a loose strand of thread from her blankets.
"She knows." Scarlet licked her lips. "We've been trying to find a way to tell dad, though."
I nodded slowly, remembering how Scarlet's parents are divorced.
While Scarlet's mother was more relaxed and caring, her father was the opposite.
If he ever found out that Scarlet was pregnant, he would kill the baby's father first.
Then, possibly, he would kill the baby as well.
As far as I remembered, he was cold and heartless.
"That reminds me," I paused, "who is the baby daddy?"
Scarlet turned towards me, her eyes weak and tired.
"It's not Travis, if you were wondering." Scarlet said.
My eyes snapped towards her, as my cheeks turned flaming red. "I-I know."
Scarlet chuckled, before shaking her head. "Don't let him go, Riley. Throughout my years knowing you, I've never seen a guy make you happy before until Travis came along."
I stared at her, before a faint smile appeared on my face."You mean that, Scar?"
Scarlet nodded, smiling. "I mean it. And I'm sorry for trying to sabotage you guys. I was just jealous." she breathed. "You don't hate me, right?"
I closed my eyes, before shaking my head with a laugh. "I could never hate you, no matter what you do to me."
Scarlet laughed, before sighing. "Riley?"
"I think Lola's boyfriend is my baby's father."



Chapter 38

I've called Scarlet's cell phone at least twenty times by now and she has yet to answer.
Everytime I called, the reciever went straight to voicemail.
It has been hours after Lola broke the news by confirming Scarlet's pregnancy, and I was getting frustrated and impatient.
Scarlet and I were far from best friends right now, but I needed to know is she was okay and who the hell was the father of her baby.
"Crap, why isn't she answering?" I hissed, tossing my phone down on Travis' bed forcefully.
Travis, who was sulking lazily in his couch, wrapped his arms around my waist.
He pulled me towards him, as I laid over his body.
"Stop worrying." Travis kissed my hair. "Scarlet's a big girl. She can take care of herself."
I groaned, burying my face in his neck, breathing in his scent.
"I hope so." I sighed. "I just want to know who the father is."
I suddenly thought back to how Travis and Scarlet once slept with each other.
Then, I reminded myself that the last time they hooked up was two years ago, and there was no possible way that Travis could've been the baby's father.
I felt defeated, wondering why I was even doubting Travis.
I loved and trusted him, and I shouldn't have even second guessed him.
"Riley?" Travis' warm breath tickled my bare neck. "What are you thinking about?"
I don't know what overcame me when I asked Travis this very next question.
Maybe I've been thinking to much about this topic, or maybe I'm just merely curious.
My fists tightened, as I rolled over, staring Travis right in the eye.
"Was she good, Travis?" I whispered, hardly recognizing my jealous tone.
Travis suddenly tensed up, as he sat up, so that I was no longer on his lap.
He stared at me with wide eyes full of disbelief. "What?"
"Was Scarlet good?" I repeated. "In bed?"
Travis blinked, before scoffing. "Riley, are you really asking me this?"
I frowned, before nodding obnoxiously. "Yes!" I snapped. "Answer my question."
I knew it was a mistake asking Travis about this question in the first place, but I just couldn't contain myself.
It was as if I blurted it out suddenly out of curiousity.
"No." Travis strenly said, looking angry all the sudden. "I'm not answering your question, because quite frankly, it's a very stupid one."
I glared at him, crossing my arms. "Why won't you just admit that you liked your time in bed with Scarlet?"
Travis tightened his jaw, before standing up. "You're too worked up right now, Riley." he muttered, shaking his head. "I think you should go home."
I knew I was going to regret the second I stepped out of his house.
I knew I was going to regret not apologizing to Travis.
And when I left his house, after taking the very first step, I did.
I felt complete regret.



Chapter 36

"So, do we hold hands or something?" I asked Travis nervously, as we snuggled up against each other in his bed later that night.
Travis smirked, as his fingers played with the ending tips of my brown locks.
"Well, truth be told, I'd rather makeout." he chuckled teasingly, earning a murderous glare from me. "But, holding hands sound nice, too."
I rolled my eyes, slapping my palm against his, before gently releasing my fingers around his.
"You should get neither for being so picky." I snapped jokingly. "But, you're lucky that I don't hate you."
Travis smiled, biting his lower lip teasingly.
My eyes immediately shifted down towards his rosy red lips, as I had the sudden urge to press my lips against his.
I looked away, as I felt my cheeks turning warm by just thinking about how attractive he looked at this moment.
"So, does that mean you like me?" Travis whispered, his hot breath tickling the edge of my ear.
I narrowed my eyes at him, but I couldn't help but crack a small smile.
Everything about Travis made me unreasonably happy- and it was driving me insane.
"I never said I like you." I scoffed.
Travis let out a snort, before wrapping his arms around my waist tightly.
"Right, you don't need to say anything, Riley." he whispered, planting a light kiss on my cheek. "I know that you like me without you having to say it."
I got shivers just from being so near him, so I pushed him away from me.
"You're too full of yourself, Travis." I licked my lips, before smiling.
Scarlet's Point of View
I held up the little white stick in my hands, staring at the blue plus sign with disbelief.
I wasn't crying yet, but I knew I was about to burst into uncontrollable tears in any second.
I was pregnant.
"So, what is it?" Lola asked impatiently, knocking from outside of my bathroom door. "Are you knocked up or not?"
The first tear finally slipped from my eyes, but that was not the last one.
My cheeks turned red in a matter of seconds, matching the color of my bloodshot eyes.
I slowly opened the door, as it creeked open.
Lola was leaning against the door frame, crossing her arms.
When she saw my tear-stained cheeks, her mouth dropped open.
"No way." she muttered, before laughing obnoxiously. "You're pregnant! I have to tell everyone about this!"
My eyes widened, as I slapped Lola's phone away from her hands.
It fell on the floor, but it didn't break.
"What the hell, Scarlet?" she hissed, glaring at me. "You could've broken it!"
"You can't tell anyone that I'm pregnant!" I begged.
Lola held my gaze, before she snickered.
"Of course not, Scar. Why would I ever?" she asked sweetly. "I am your best friend, right?"
I nodded, before giving her a weak smile.

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