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i always feel socially awkward whenever i write in these box things.
i always ending writing about pointless things about me that half of you won't even care about, but i do it anyways so my profile won't be boring lol.
so this brings us here. 
this is for:
everyone who has taken their time to read my stories;
all the guys who aren't afraid to read my stories;
all of them girls who have milkshakes that bring them boys to the yard;
anyone who wants their life to be a love story;
anyone who is a caffeine addict;
all of you whose guilty pleasure is one direction or taylor swift;
everyone who has an undying love for food;
anyone who don't want to admit it, but secretly think that justin bieber's voice is in boyfriend;
my tumblr darlings;
steve, thank you for creating a site and taking away peoples social lives;
and finally, my witty sisters/brothers;
i love you.

quote account:
i don't have any other public accounts other than the ones listed above.