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Quotes by lollypop398

You may feel alone when you're falling asleep, and everytime tears roll down your cheeks. But I know your heart belongs to someone you've yet to meet. Someday you will be loved. You'll be loved, you'll be loved, like you never have known. The memories of me will seem more like bad dreams. Just a series of blurs, like I never occurred. Someday you will be loved.
does it bother anyome else when sisters that are in the next room write on there siblings wall "turn off the lights" or somthing???
my best friend for 3 years now sister died 3 years ago today she gets bullied daily and im not alway there for her i feel terrible her sister wa in a car crash the drive was texting shes the only one that die worst part it was her first day of school and they just moved here she been though so much i feel so bad:(
Why were we so excited to grow up?
For the heartbreak?
For the failure?
For the insecurity and bullying?
This is not what I signed up for.
saw this and was like were do i sigh out
in the worst mood
i hate when people see me cry

it makes me feel weak
i wanna give up so bad.
i was okay till now:,(
i have never meet someone naned dora o_0
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