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Hey! My name is Rose.
I'm in 8th grade. I love bows, sparkles, pink,
blue, nail polish, cowboys, boots, fall, leaves, counrty music,
horses, Disney Channel, Taylor Swift, pictures of people laughing or hugging, boys,
my bestfriends, my family, and all of our jokes.
I have a lot of things I love and there's a lot more, but I think you get
the idea. My friends are my world.
I love you, ask any questions you have <3

She lives in a fairytale
somewhere too far for us to find�


Quotes by lolove99

 My heart has been broken...
more then once I should say.
The boy I was about to kiss, kissed my friend.
The boy who I liked and liked me got a girlfriend.
The boy who said he liked me and I said it too, well turns out he had a girlfriend.
But, I'm still alive.
I'm still strong..
I'm ok. 


When I'm kissin you it all
starts makin sence.


I won't let you go and now you know,
I've been crazy for you all this time. I've kept it close always hopin with a heart on fire..

format by sandrasaurus

To the world
you may be one person,
but to one
you may be the



format by sandrasaurus

Plot twist:Our whole life has been a dream.

 Have yonoticed...
That everyone wants to go to Heaven;
But no one wants to actually die.


Wanted by many,
Taken by none,
Looking at some, But
Waiting for One <<<

You can fall from the sky
You can fall from a tree
but the best way to fall

is in love with me




Mom: So where you going?
Me: ____ and ____ party
Mom: OooOOooO.. Are they your boyfriends?
Me: No mom.      Not yet..
... What was that?
Me: I said "No mom.."
Mom: No after that
Me: ... So in school there was this teacher that was like....

true story.
I wonder if he thinks about me the way I think about him.
I wonder if I'm the first thing he thinks about in the morning. I wonder if I'm the last thing he thinks about at night. I wonder if he talks about me non-stop to his friends and comes up with reasons to talk to me. I wonder if we'll have a chance together I wonder.. No, I hope I'm right.