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Hi there, I'm Keara. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT AND ONE DIRECTION THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry for the caps lock attack I just love them haha) I'm awkward and crazy but I don't care. I love my crazy, beautiful life with my crazy, beautiful friends. Without music, I can't survive so don't deprive me of it. Drama, I hate it so don't make me deal with it. Judgemental people, you don't know me so shut up  about it.  Love, I always daydream about it so don't call me crazy for believing in it. Everyone on this Earth is beautiful, and they all deserve love and happiness. If you're ever hurting, just remember you're not alone. If you wanna hear some of my story just ask.You're beautiful :) <333
"People haven't always been there for me, but music always has..."

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The 2012 London Olympics were freaking awesome! One of the best Olympics I've seen. I'll never forget the 2012 London Olympics ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Plus I get weak in the

knees. Fall head over

heels, baby, and every 

other cheesy cliche. Yes, I'm

swept off my feet . Oh, my heart

skips a beat, but there's really

only one thing to say:

God damn you're beautiful to


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When I fall:
My friends: did you seriously just fall again?
My boyfriend: did you seriously just fall again?
My teachers: did you seriously just fall again?
My parents: did you seriously just fall again?
America: did you seriously just fall again?
Jesus: did you seriously just fall again?

//Something in his deep brown eyes has me sayin'
He's not all bad like his reputation
And I can't hear one single word they say
And you'll leave, got places to be and I'll be OK
I always forget to tell you I love you, I loved you from the very first day//

Girl: hey
Boy: Uhm? Hi
Girl: Whats Up?
Boy: Nothing Is there a reason Your talking to Me?
Girl: Well I Sort Of like You. ...
... Boy: ???
Girl: Do You like Me back?
Boy: Well Uhm Your 4 years younger then Me.
Girl: Oh.
Girl: Okay Well I gtg.
Boy: Bye.

2 Weeks later.The Boy Saw the girl On the News, she hung herself. She left a Note that Said "Age Shouldn't matter. I Will Always Love You." 1 Week later The boy Was On the news he hung himself to but he Wrote On the Wall And Said "I Was Wrong, Age Shouldn't Matter. You Were right. I Love You Forever And Always." If you believe that age shoudn't matter.
#REPOST this .... Or tonight the boy and the girl Will be Standing by Your bed..Or u will loose the one youu love
Well I’m not sure what this is gonna be
But with my eyes closed all I see
Is the skyline through the window
The moon above you and the streets below

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She stood by as it fell apart, separate rooms and broken hearts, but I wont be the one to let you go

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When  the  time  comes, baby, dont   run. Just  kiss  me  slowly

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I can see you there with the city lights, 14th floor, pale, blue eyes 
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