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Hey my name is Camii or Camille whichever you prefer.
I love singing, playing piano, drawing,writing, and acting.
I love giving people advice it's kinda my thing so if you want just comment or whatever i'll always answer. I've been though alot when i was younger my cousin was killed and he was like a big brother to me he taught my parents how to be parents and i've lost alot. I fell in love kinda early...i guess and i've dealt alot with "stereotypical guys". I love having guys as friends cuz they wont judge you as much as gils but thats why i love witty cuz you guys wont judge either. I'm here to help and be helped.
I'm kinda mature for my age always have been and i know alot about stuff. I love oreos. I'm sick of rasicm, because im black (yup im the black one in my pic lol) I have alotta self doubt i guess you could say... i've always thought guys didnt like me cuz im black... so yeah...still working to get past that... I love my family...they mean eveything to me... I love pie...blue and hazel eyes are my favorite <3 but i like any color(: i have a thing for noses <3 and i dont like toes(:... i love photogaphy <3 and yeah thats me

Love to be loved and never change for anyone.
Ustedesson todos hermosos. creer en ti mismo y alcanzar las estrellas. El amor llegará un día.adióshermosas<3

ciao bellas <3