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Quotes by looveisblinndx0

every tear soaked whiskey
                  memory           blown away                                                          //

~blown away * carrie underwood

You're a guy and you don't
realize the words you say, take my breath away                                                          xoxo

If  you  want  her  to
fall  for  you
have  to  be  willing
to catch her


How can you call it
love when you're crying                      
more than you're smiling?                    


Happy Birthday Ron Weasley

       I can't be no superman,
but for you I'll be super, baby.


see this smile?
Yeah, it's my best disguise        --



I blame

Disney movies and Nicholas Sparks
for my too high expectations of love.






What doesn't kill you

makes you stronger. Stand a little taller,
doesn't mean i'm lonely when i'm alone.


Oh these times are hard,
& they're making us crazy,
Don't give up on me baby.