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Hello !
Im Madison 21 and a mommy.
I have a wonderful son Ryan [3.15.09]
When they placed you in my arms, you slipped into my heart
I have a boyfriend Brayden [8.8.08]
im so in love with him <3


MY son in my belly in 3D :)he had a secret

Quotes by lost_lovex3

before you judge me. know my story.

<3 this and i'll make a quote
telling you.

This quote isnt going to be pretty. its going to be a vent.
As most of you know im a mom, & was engaged to my sons father.
Yesterday, i found out that my boyfriend cheated on me on VALENTIES DAY!
We've been dating 3 years and have a son together. when i found out
i wanted to cry, but i didnt i couldnt i have a son who i need to be strong for.
who did he cheat on me with, MY BEST FRIEND. Some one who was
there for me throughout my pregnancy, throughout my whole
relationship with my fiance. This hurt real bad. I couldnt
stand the thought of them doing anything together.
They spent valenties day together, when my fiance
should of been with me and our son. He bought
her flowers, a bracelet & candy. I got a text
" i cheated on you with lindsay, we should take a break"
I'm so heartbroken, My bestfriend & my sons father
together? I have never hurt this much
in my WHOLE life. & the fact that my
son asks "wheres daddy" what do i say?
im completly upset, My son
is the only boy i neeed <3

Today I'm not spending valentines day with my boyfriend, I'm spending it with my son <3
why aren't i spending it with my boyfriend?
Because he cheated on me.

My sons the only boy i need <3 :)

Boys, if you take your girl
to see The Vow  you will get laid.

if he doesn't make you a priority, then explore your options.
Cheating on a girl is deeper than people realize. It destroys her outlook on Love, her future Relationships, and her peace within' herself.