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A girl kisses but doesn't love
listens but doesn't believe
and leaves before she is left

&When i tell you i Love you.i dont say it out of habit or to start a conversation,i say it to remind you that youre the best thingthats ever happened to me

everytime she laughs `* she hopes hes watchingnot so she can let him see shes happy ;; but so maybe , just maybe he will fall for her smile just [ as hard as she fell for his]

Quotes by lostinlove

we both have been through it once before,
like in a fun house we opened the wrong door,
somthiing was thrown at us that we didnt deserve,
it feels like we hit the curb,
Have you got dumped by someone you loved?
Have you been pushed down or shoved?
As we have figured it dosent feel very good,
it dosent feel like love should,
To prevent me from hurting you in anyway,
Just do me a favor and walk away.
Its the kind of friendship
where she can walk into the room
with the biggest smile on her face
and im the only one that knows
that somthing is wrong;;
<3 you Rocky
me && my girls are dope anywaysz<33
You know someone is a true friend when,
you are about to break down & cry, but
they will say the stupidest, most random thing
just to see you smile. <3 =)
;; Were the kind of girls
:: that on a rainy day play outside instead of in
:: go out in public wearing pajamas
:: have a picnic when its 30 degrees outside
:: have more remember whens then we can remember
:: laugh at something that happened..yesterday
:: see the tears before they fall
;; Were the kind of girls that you would call Best Friends♥♥
you dont have to hold it in if you dont want to
if you had to choose between
the guy your with or the guys thats
there...which would you choose? tough isnt it?