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I really don't know what's left to say...
My life is in my quotes. I've been intimated by many "macho" guys, due to my abusive ex-boyfriend.  There were a lot of things wrong with him, with us, and with our entire relationship. It caused me to cut, to be anorexic, and then bulimic. It caused me to realize I wasn't myself anymore, and now I still wouldn't be able to tell you who that is. I'm involved a lot in my school. Music is my life. I currently have a boyfriend who is the sweetest thing to me. He's the best I could ever ask for, and more. He's my core, the center of my attention, and pretty much the only thing left keeping me alive. Being seventeen, I've been through a lot. I've attempted suicide, I still think about it, and I try my hardest to keep my emotions in check. My true self comes out in my quotes on witty. At school and at home, I'm stuck behind this fake smile I refuse to give up. He's the only one that makes it real. I'm open to talk-I'll listen,   I swear. So...yep, that's me I guess.