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life is like a song;

no one expects you to always sing the right words. 

 they just expect you to keep singing.
E v e r   m i s s   1 1 : 1 1 ?

it's either because you were
going to get your wish  
anyway, or what you want
isn't what you need.
To girls, Valentine's Day is their chance. it's their day to think, "if he really loves me, he'll ask me out today." it's their day to wear all pink, and be happy. but only if he calls. it's their day to give and get roses and little heart candies. and they get them, but from their friends. which is nice, but they want it from him. Valentine's is Love Day. and it's simple as that.

To boys, Valentine's is just another Monday. it's their day to think, "do i really have to ask her out today?" it's their day to wear normal clothes, and really not feel any different than usual. they should call, but they probably won't. it's their day to send roses and chocolates, but they most likely will forget, even though it means everything to her. Valentine's is a normal day. it's as simple as that.

that is, unless, you've found the right boy.

and then Valentine's Day is their chance. it's their day to ask her out, because they really love her. it's their day to buy her something pink, and be happy. and they'll call. it's their day to give roses and little heart candies, and she'll love it. Valentine's is Love Day.

it's as simple as that.

you know, its crazy to think that i've spent six months of my life completely head over heels for you. six months of tears, because you had a girlfriend. six months of slim hope, that maybe you would like me back. six months of worry, because i had to primp so much, trying to be good enough for you. six months that i can never get back. i've tried to get over you. that lasted all of 10 minutes. you know why? because that's how long i could think about something other than you. you know what that something was? me. i thought about me. i thought about the A i got on my math quiz and i thought about the three people that complimented me on my outfit that day. i thought about how close i am with my sister and i thought about all of my friends that love me so much. i thought about how my eyes are a nice shade of green and i thought about how i got a lead in the school play. i thought about me, and my life. and you know what? for those 10 minutes, i was sincerely happy.

i would say 'sorry, just venting' but i'm not the slightest bit sorry. i need to get this out and i don't care if you read it, but i just need to have this off me. if you are reading this, you make me so happy.  thank you so much, i love you.
him: "yeahh, i play guitar."

like i needed another reason to be in love with you.
you're absolutely beautiful.

(& don't ever forget that.)

life is like a house. when you're in a fire, it's not always gonna work to take the easy way through the door. sometimes you just have to risk jumping out the window.

ohh, i get it. i only
matter when you need something from me.


simpllittle treasures #3.
 seeing someone smiling- and knowing you're the reason


simpllittle treasures #2
 hot chocolate on rainy days