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Quotes by love2laugh97

E   a   s   y      c   o   m   e   ,    e   a   s   Y    g o
t  h  a  t  '''''''s j  u  s  t    h  o  w   y  o  u     l   i     v     e      .
t   a   k   e    i    t   a    l   l,    b   u    t      y  o  u   n   e  v  e  r     g   i    v     E      .
i should be over you.
j   u   s   t       b   e       y   o   u . 

|     |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

hands touch, eyes meet.

sudden silence, sudden heat.
hearts leap, in a giddy whirl.
he may be that boy, but i'm not that girl.


i adore you,
you crazy, gorgeous,wonderful,(sometimes quite WIERD),
yet still extremely lovely person.

and dont ever forget it. ♥

what am i supposed to do,
when the best part of me was always you? 
stanfothe powetchange
i live fothperfect day

i hope for a hertsavme 

- I Stand, by Idina Menzel

"because it's

just life, so

keep dancing



get off the internet. stop stalking him on facebook. stop writing quotes about him on wittyprofiles. stop posting pictures that remind you of him on tumblr. stop listening to songs that remind you of him on youtube. stop looking up stories to make yourself feel better on fml. get off the damn internet, and go fall in love or something.
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