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When writing a facebook status:               Proof-read like 10 times.

When writing an essay for school:            Proof read exactly 0 times.




'Ello beautiful. How are you my love?


G'day mate!




Aye shawty, whaddup?

"Hey, remember when you had a

crush on...."



I can't believe it's only been one month.. it feels so much longer.
Rest In Peace Matthew, I love and miss you so much I can't even begin to describe it..
8/17/1996 - 1/12/2012
We'll never forget you.



One Directiofact #59
"I hate when girls act stupid. Intelligence is sexy" - Niall

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I hate the new sound Witty makes when you press fave /:



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 Everyone you meet is afraid
of something, loves something, and
has lost something.

                                     Remember that.
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*A nerdy guy's phone goes off*
Jock: Who was that, your girlfriend?
*Everyone laughs*
Nerd: Nope. It was yours.
*Dead silence*.


Twilight written by Dr. Seuss
Jake likes a girl. Her name is Bella. Bella likes another fella.
See this vamp? His name is Ed. Ed is plae. Ed is dead.
Ed saved Bella from a van. Ed must be a special man.
Ed wont kill boys. He wont kill girls. 
Ed feeds on deer and squirrels.
This is James, hes a tracker. Hes sort of a vamp attacker.
James hurts Bella for a thrill. Will Ed kill him? Oh yes he will.
But James gives her a little bite.  Will she be a vamp? She might!
Edward fixes Bellas cut.
She wont be a vampire, but...
She becomes one. Read some more. Shes a vampire in book 4.