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my name is Emmy. And i love to write. I have the best boy in the world. and if you want to become my frined request me on myspace.

Quotes by loveMEtender

Note to self i miss you terribly come back to me back to me tooo me.

from first to last

note to self
& if i said i love you would you care to turn around
just to see me fall to the ground.
"You said you loved me"

You said you loved me now look where i am as snow is falling to the ground you didn't come because you would have to look around. see the people crying because of what you did. i told you not to do it but you didn't care to listen. but as the people crowd around just to whatch me be lowered in to the ground. it seems you doug this grave for me the day our graduation party got out of hand the day you said it's safe to drive wiht me and you took the keys from my hand.
.Eric Magee.

what my
parent have 2
say i know the
truth and i know that
you are the one for me
and no one can take that away

i . love. you

and i know that you
love me toooo so why don't...
they let me live my
life instead of
them trying to
ruin it 4 me
by tryin to
take  you

i stayed strongg for so longg && then i fell for him.
sometimes you have to test someone ,
not because you

dont trust them but to see how much the'll sacrifice for you.

and sometimes you have to let them go
not because you

suddenly stopped caring for them

      but to see if   they
care enough
 to come back to you

I hate you because i love you


&& get hurt everytime

I miss you


but i'm gald your gone becase i don't want you to see me cry


I don't think about you


but  your always on my mind.can't seem to stop with you.


I don't want to see you


but everytime i close my eyes there you are


J.U.S.T  L.E.A.V.E  M.E


When your gone i feel my heart breaking.

When your here i can't help but smile.

When you whisper in my ear that you love me my worries fade away.

So just stay with me and love me everyday then i won't have any worries to fade away.

i love you...
way to much
i love you...
just enough
i love you...
not enough
i love you...
every day
every second
every min
every month
and i mean
change that
Fairy tales alwayz have happily ever after that is why we cal what we live in life because there is no such thing as "happily ever after"
Why when i look at you i feel i am over you but i know i am not. Why can't i just get it trough my head you are neve coming back.I cannot seem to let the dream fadee that me and you are ment to be but i know we arn't but shhh my heart won't listen to me.